Sunday, December 9, 2007


Today we accomplished another yearly tradition: visit with Santa. We usually go to the Riverside Square Mall (Rte 4) in Hackensack. It is a great mall with the best Santa! They usually give out Boyd Bear ornaments to the kids too--but this year I guess they are cutting back--the kids each got crayons and coloring books. I prefer the bears--since I love Boyd Bears oh well. Abbey was super scared--so Santa left --I mean hid! then came behind the girls for the photo--very smart on their part! I guess they must get a lot of that. The photos shown are pictures I took--the official photo i haven't uploaded yet. Then we went shopping and couldn't get Amanda to leave Pottery Barn Kids! She was having so much fun playing with all the play kitchen sets, tea sets, esp. the other kids. Good to know for next time--leave her and Mike in there and head to the stores with Abbey or by myself!

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