Saturday, January 10, 2009

1/2/09--Playdate in Suffern, NY

Today we went to visit Clare and Gwen up in Suffern, NY. It was nice to catch up and the girls had fun playing with each other. Thanks for the salad and pizza!

12/31/08--Happy New Year!

Party at the Pooley house. The girls had a late nap but had so much energy to party with their friends. Cousin Stephanie was here too. She brought her new American Girl doll --Mia as well. She even let Amanda hold it once in a while. Happy New Year.

Believe it or not--I left my camera in the car--so no pictures unless I can get some from my friends!!!!

12/28/08--Mike and Nanny (last visit together)

These are photos from the last visit we had with Nanny. Nanny just passed away on 1/9/09 at the age of 93. She had alzeheimers and the last year was tough--but before that she was really good. Nanny is Mike's grandmother and Amanda's and Abbeys Great Grandmother. We will all miss very much esp. her warm smile.

Rest In Peace Albina Koeppel Spirig--say hi to my Mom up in Heaven!!!!


Daisy is our new dog! We adopted her from the ASPCA on 92nd St. NYC. She is part of our family. She literally fits right in with us. She is about one yr. old. A Cocker Spaniel that is white and buff in coloring. Only barks at other dogs and when she first came to our house would bark at the dryer buzzer!!! She still doesn't like that (me either--but there is no way to shut it on our machine!) Madeline and Slinky are getting better acquainted to Daisy. The first few days I don't think Slinky slept because he was on guard--but now all three pets sleep on the same bed! That is progress (and warmth)!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

12/2008--Girls holiday photos

Kiddie Kandids did a great job as always.......I know it didn't scan too well but their dresses are burgurndy colored on top and cream/golden organza bottom. Same as their dolls!

12/2008--Girls holiday photos

Kiddie Kandids did a great job as always.........

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

12/18/08--HCA Holiday Show

The kids were elves!

12/15/08--Woodbury Commons

We spent the day shopping at Woodbury Commons today. Lots of great sales. Next year--Mike and I will go by ourselves. He spent most of the day outside babysitting the girls in the park or on the little rides that bounce back and forth while I ran in and out.

12/14/08--Breakfast with Santa

HCA hosted their annual breakfast with Santa. Lots of people--we almost didn't find seats.

12/13/08--Our little Gingerbread house

Amanda and I assembled and decorated the gingerbread house this year. It came out a lot better compared to last years. It is a fun annual project that we both enjoy doing together.

12/10/08--Matthew came over!!!!!

Amanda was on top of the world because Matthew came over for a playdate this afternoon. She LOVES Matthew. Katherine was also here too. They had a pizza picnic in the living room and then had fun jumping on the bed, etc. Katherine kept switching princess dress up clothes. It was a busy couple of hours.

12/9/08--School--no school

Today we went to school only to be sent home because there was no heat in the building. I offered for Colin Redmond to come over and play at our place until his Nanny could get to him. Natalie O. came over as well. So we had a nice morning playdate unexpectedly.

12/8/08--Macy's Santaland

Today I took the girls to Macy's NYC for their 8th floor Santaland display and puppet show. The puppet show this year was Mircle on 34th Street. Santaland was so magical with all the displays. Abbey actually sat with me on Santa's lap! A fun field trip.

12/7/08--Bella's 1st Birthday party

This afternoon was Bella's (I occasionally babysit her) first birthday party at Elysian Cafe. Her theme was french poodles.

12/6/08--Move over Santa!!!!

Abbey would only agree to sit on Santa's chair if he wasn't there! We asked Santa nicely to stand on the side.

12/5/08---Rockettes, Rockefeller tree, etc. NYC

Aunt Nancy, Aunt Joanne, Cousins: Alyssa, Ryan, and Stephanie came down stayed overnight and then we went to see an early show of the Radio City Christmas Spectacular. Our annual tradion! It was great! The tree was pretty as usual, then stephanie wanted to go to the American Girl Store to have her dolls hair done. The line was forever long. All in all a nice day!