Wednesday, December 19, 2007

12/15/07-- Chucky Cheese again.....

Amanda's has been asking to go back to Chucky Cheese since we took her the last time. She loves it there. After a day of running errands for the holidays I figured it was a good way to girls a little treat and blow off some energy too. Mike was not thrilled with the idea--but understood it was for the girls. Abbey was able to ride the merry go round by herself (they rode at least 15 times) Amanda loves the ball toss machine--it is her favorite. Although by the end of the night she loved the water squirter game--so do I! This time Amanda wanted to go into the party room to watch Chucky and co. sing on stage--she wasn't scared. The girls had a good time. There were a lot of people there. I figured everyone would be holiday shopping--not there, well I was wrong. Not to mention 3 birthday parties. The girls had a blast and we accumulated just over 400 tickets which won two mini crayon sets with notepades attached and a couple other little silly things.

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