Sunday, September 4, 2011

6/21/11--last daisy mtg for troop 12038

we will be brownies next year!!!

6/19/11--swimming with cousin kayleigh

6/18/11---dance recital!!!!

romeo and juliet

6/17/11---Dance recital rehearsal

Hoboken Dance Academy rehearsal for Romeo and Juliet

Jazz class--When Doves Cry

6/17/11--Abbey and Meghan playdate

schools out --so playdate it is!!

6/16/11--Daisy hand out recycling flyers

The scouts handed out new recycling info. to Hoboken residents at the concert on the pier.

6/12/11--party for adam

from one party to another!!!!

6/12/11--party for zubin

space englewood. cool place

6/11/11--dance recital

Ryan's b-day and dance recital

6/8/11--Judy Moody in NYC

we took the bus with friends to see a preview of Judy Moody and the not so bummer summer

6/7/11--Scouts learning instruments

6/6/11--Ryan's Confirmation