Wednesday, September 30, 2009

9/29/09--our third Daisy mtg

9/29/09--Abbey at second ballet class

She and her classmate Addison took a class together today. They both had a lot of fun!

9/27/09--Rainy Sunday

Sophie T. came over to plan and then it cleared up enough to go to the Hoboken Arts and Music Festival.

9/26/09--Smithsonian Free Museum Day

We went to the Chrildrens Mus. of Manhattan and then after to Zabars. My first trip to Zabars. Don't go on a Jewish Holiday weekend. It was super crowded getting the world famous rugelach but worth it! Abbey enjoyed some fresh challah bread. Love the size of her piece!

9/25/09--Amanda's library card

She has her own card now!!!!!!!!!!! She is so proud!


The girls wanted to swing together.

9/09 --The house my Dad grew up in

Nana Bruno's house in Poughkeepsie, NY (it used to be grey)

9/22/09 Second Daisy mtg

9/19/09--Family photo

Amanda--5 yrs

Abbey almost 3 yrs.

9/19/09 Colin and Miguel's b-day party

Kidz Village in Kenilworth, NJ

9/18/09--Family game night at school

Back to school family game night at the school. The girls had a blast running around like crazies.

9/18/09 --Abbey at ballet class

What a difference a year makes. Last yr. I made Abbey quit ballet because she made me hold her the whole time and this year she is doing awesome all by herself!

9/16/09--Day two for Abbey--tears....

Okay so now she knows the deal. Mommy is not staying--so there were tears but only for a few minutes. Ms. Karen and Mrs. Foley are awesome at calming the kids down.

9/15/09--Our first Daisy mtg

Our first Daisy Girl Scout troop mtg. It went well. 26 girls! That is a lot of girls!!!