Sunday, December 2, 2007

12/1/07--Gingerbread House

This evening we did a family project! Literally we needed all the help we could get to erect this little house. I thought when purchasing this house that all we needed to do was decorate it--no such luck. We needed to put the house together first and then decorate it. It is supposed to dry undecorated for 2-3 hours--not in this house with two impatient little girls ready to decorate it, esp. Amanda! From the minute we got home today she whipped it out of the bag and insisted we start the project immediately! Next time, I will make a cardboard cut out or something to hold the house up underneath it. Ours is just held together by the icing--thanks to Daddy holding it together while Amanda started to decorate it. The girls are posing for a photo with the finished product: our family gingerbread house.

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