Friday, August 27, 2010

7/11/10--Disney's Hollywood Studios

Front Row for Beauty and the Beast Show.

We encountered a little rain this afternoon. The first time on our trip. Didn't stop us!

7/10/10--Dinner at the Castle

Our reservation (only available considering we booked it a week in advance and usually you need to book these things months in advance) was for 9:50pm! Yes--very late...but....
We had dinner inside Cinderella's Castle! Saw the fireworks show from the inside! It was very enjoyable. Ariel helped the girls use their magic wands and make a Wish with their Wishing Star!

7/10/10-back to Magic Kingdom

Carousel of Progress, Dumbo's ride, Princess dinner inside Cinderella's CASTLE!!!!!!!!!!

7/10/10--Grand Floridian

Mike and my favorite resort--The Grand Floridian. We just can't justify spending that kind of money on a hotel room when we are never in our hotel. Pretty though. esp. at Christmas time. We went at Christmas time in 2000 and there was a life size gingerbread house in the lobby--it was truly magical! We took the girls for a quick stop there. Plus it was the quickest way to get to the Magic Kingdom from Animal Kingdom! Gotta love Cathy's short cuts!!!

7/10/10--Animal Kingdom

Todays highlights: having breakfast at our hotel, Animal Kingdom, Private Safari ride--we saw baby elephant "Luna"and Abbey saw her giraffes, Mickey's Jungle Expedition parade, we found another spray water bottle!, convinced Amanda to go on the Rapids with me and Abbey and she ended up LOVING IT!!!--the girls call it "rabbits!," Abbey scraped her finger and we went to the medics office for a band-aid, Mike getting mad at all the South American tour groups consisting of 30 or more teenagers in each bunch with no consideration for watching where they are going--the yellow shirts, they were everywhere! Hundreds of them...we called them the ants! They didn't always wear yellow--some days they all wore orange then was fun!

7/9/10--Midnight swim

After a long hot day at Epcot we came back to our pool and swam in the luscious water! Mind you it is about 11-11:30pm at night. We put in long days.