Wednesday, September 29, 2010

9/29/10--Amanda's Classroom

Open house is tomorrow night (which I will miss ofcourse) so I asked the teacher if I can come see Amanda's classroom (upstairs) today instead. It is really neat and organized. Amanda showed me the Smartboard too. Abbey even was allowed to use it. We also popped into Abbey's classroom to show Amanda. She was so proud to show her where she sits,etc.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

9/27/10--Daisy Mtg.

Today we discussed the orange petal: Resp. for what I say and do. The girls made chore charts and need to earn twenty points before next mtg. in order to get their orange badge. 1 point for doing a chore when asked. 2 points for doing chores when not asked. Desiree found this chore chart and I think it is fabulous. The girls understood it and I love when it clicks in their little minds on how they can help. Amanda has been busy all night. I asked her if she was going to stop after twenty--she said yes. How did I know.

Then each girl made a daisy headband. Blue ribbon, daisy flower, headband, rhinestone. They would have turned out better with my hot glue gun....but then the girls couldn't make them on their own. I thought it was a nice idea. Oh well. Perhaps i will bring my glue gun in a couple weeks and offer to fix the girls headbands who need to be repaired.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

9/26/10--Friends get together

Reconnected with our friends who moved to the suburbs today. It is terrific that the girls pick up right where they left off and all get along so well. We miss them in Hoboken-but love having an excuse to visit them in the burbs!

Saturday, September 25, 2010

9/25/10--Amanda has glasses

Amanda has a stigmatism in her eyes so she now has glasses. She is so excited (what a nut....what kid wants glasses? she got pink ones and we picked them up today)

9/25/10--Soccer Game

Amanda's team is the Hawks. We played the Toucans and won 2-0! It was so hot out. It was 88 degrees out thank goodness for the breeze. Abbey played with her friend/classmate Sophia while Amanda was playing.

9/24/10--Sibling Preparatory Class

The girls took a sibling prep class at HUMC this evening. They learned some of the do/don'ts of having a baby in the house. We also sang happy birthday to our new baby. Then we took a tour of the 5th floor maternity ward/nursery.

9/21/10- Daisies help clean with Dr. Tahzib

The Daisies helped Dr. Muni Tahzib and her children pick up litter around Columbus park. It was surprising how much trash they found.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

9/19/10--11 days to go

11 more days until we finally meet princess number three! name???? who knows. I am excited and scared! There is no turning back now. I pray she is a happy healthy baby.

This was her photo at 33.5 wks. We are now at 37 wks.

9/18/10--Amanda's first soccer game

Amanda's soccer team, the Hawks won their first game 4-1!!!! It was so exciting to watch. I get all riled up. Amanda was so proud everytime she kicked the ball! Me too. She just needs to learn to move towards to ball and not expect it to come directly toward her. Lazy bones. She played halfback and forward. She wants goalie--I say no way! All of Hoboken was there--people with kids anyway. It was super crowded and busy but fun. Abbey played on the playground while amanda did soccer!

9/17/10--Jazz class at HDA

Both girls are taking jazz class at Hoboken Dance Academy.

9/17/10--Back to School night at HCA

Every year HCA has a back to school night for the kids to come and play with each other. Parents get to ask questions of us (the PTA) and meet other families. It is always a lot of fun. I was a little scared because of the large number of RSVPs this year...but all went smoothly and it was an enjoyable evening. Amanda took the photos. I was busy working the Second Season Shop (used uniforms) and Mike worked the Golf outing table! The girls ran around with their friends. I met lots of really nice parents. Amanda took pictures of each food item and her friends and each individual game rather than the room as a whole. I should have known. Here is the "Best" of what she took.

9/16/10--Soccer practice

Hoboken instructional soccer league. Amanda is on the Hawks--strong team. mostly boys only 2 girls. Hopefully this will get her focused rather than picking flowers or skipping!!!! Practice today was short due to STRONG storms and a tornado watch (I had NO idea). Crazy. Game on Sat!

9/15/10--NFL Day at HCA

The kids participated in NFL day at school. They learned about exercise and did warm ups in the morning,etc. A few kids will do essays in hope of winning a prize of 10 grand for the school! Can't hurt to try. It was fun. The new gym coach Mr. Murray is excellent from what i have heard and seen. The kids enthusiasm has def. increased!

9/14/10--1st Daisy mtg. of the year

We had our first Daisy mtg. this afternoon. We made leaf people (Amanda's suggestion). We asked the girls to brainstorm about this year and what they want to do. So many girls have lost so many teeth!!! They have all grown-up. Looking forward to a great year.

9/14/10--Abbey's first day of Pre-K 4

Abbey's first day of pre-k 4. Mrs. Yacullo is her teacher and Ms. Rizzo is her asst. teacher. So far so good! She has lots of former classmates in her class (which I am happy about. I had her switched from a different class) Where did the last 4 years go? She is getting so grown up. Her vocabulary is flourishing and she is becoming more and more independent. I am so proud of her.

9/11/10--Liberty Interpretive Center

The Daisies first field trip of the fall thanks to Desiree's planning ahead! We learned about the life cycle of a butterfly, made crafts, and went on a short nature walk outside.

9/8/10--Park time

The first week of school consists of half days so afterwards we go to the park!

Friday, September 17, 2010