Sunday, November 15, 2009

11/14/09-Katherine's 5th

Katherine H. had her 5th b-day at an Italian Restaurant in Hoboken. The kids decorated cakes and cookies, aprons and hats. Pinata! It was a blast.

11/10/09--Jubilee Center

Daisies visit the Jubliee Center for an Arthritis Foundation benefit.

11/7/09--Library show

Flute Sweet and Tinkletoons (or something like that) performed for free at the library.

11/7/09--Track meet

I took the girls to their first track meet today. They both did really well and both ran with all boys! Abbey came in 4th place twice and Amanda came in 5th then 6th place for both the 60 and 100 yard dash.

11/6/09--Juliette Lowe Party

Today both Daisy troops and the Hoboken Brownie troop got together to celebrate the Girl Scout founders birthday. We had a tea party and each troop did a little skit.

11/3/09--Daisy Meeting

practicing for our juliette lowe party

11/1/09--May I take your order

Abbey likes to ask people what they want and pretends to write it down. Our little waitress in training!


We finished the memory walk and rushed back to Hoboken to start our Halloween festivities. Things start early here because this year it is on a Saturday. Normally things don't start until after school gets out. The kids trick or treat at the stores on our main street (washington street). Then there was a big parade and costume awards for those who chose to participate. Then we went to one of the Hoboken schools--they hosted a free party! Free haunted house--then night time tricker treating uptown! We got caught in the rain uptown--but the girls were pooped by then anyway!

10/31/09--Memory Walk for Mom

Today the girls and I walked in the Alzeheimers Assoication nationwide Memory Walk! I just decided the evening before to participate and I raised $150. overnight! The walk took place at Liberty State park in Jersey City.

10/30/09--Monster Ball

School Halloween party.