Sunday, September 30, 2007

9/30/07--Hoboken Art and Music Festival

Today was the Hoboken Art and Music Festival. Amanda really enjoyed the kid area this time. She saw a bunch of her friends, listened to Music Together performers, a juggling act, and PolkaDot the Clown. We also did spin art--a big thank you to Katherine Durkin for the ticket! Amanda went down the big slide--I wasn't sure she was going to do it--she was getting scared climbing up the ladder part--but she did it. She got off and said she was scared but happy that she did it. We also did a balloon air ride/game. It had air circulating balloons inside a big blow up clown--which she loved.

We then headed to the Hudson Tea bldg. to meet up with Cousin Fran (we saw cousin Krystle too for a quick hello) for the Toll Brothers bbq picnic and kid fest. Fran lives in the Tea bldg. For 5.oo each adult which benefited the boys and girls club--we had a great bbq. They also provided face painting for the kids, balloon animals, free ice cream, bouncy house, silent auction and an awesome singer who specialized in Sinatra, Buble, etc. It was relaxing--well there is no such thing as relaxing with two kids 3 and under. but it was nice. We ran into Alexander and Olivia there too. Amanda calls Alexander--Alexiaver! so funny. Amanda had a butterfly painted on one arm and a blue snake painted on the other arm??!!

9/29/07--Apple picking in NJ

We went apple picking again but this time in NJ! We went to Demarest Farms in Hillsdale, NJ with Claire and Liz. The girls had a really good time playing with sticks and rocks --but also enjoyed picking the apples--I think. Amanda was a little scared about going on the hayride but once on it--loved it. Abbey loves eating the apples and taking them out of my bag--sneaky kid. The place was mobbed. We ran into Andrew again--two days in a row except this time he was with his parents: Tricia and Doug. We also ran into Abbey's musicology teacher Deborah with her husband and son Sammy. The girls all held up really well considering all the lines we waited on in the sun. Did I mention it was quite warm out for the end of Sept.--although I am not complaining.

Saturday, September 29, 2007

9/28/07--Johnny Rockets

We are proud of Amanda for not crying when I dropped her off at school the last two days so we took her and her friend Claire out for a special dinner at Johnny Rockets. What an experience. We decided to sit outside because it was really nice out---then these gray/black clouds moved in and the winds picked up. We made a mad dash inside right before it started to pour! Never a dull moment. Three kids, Mike, drinks, stroller, scooter, sweaters, crayons, coloring books and "Mom, don't forget my fries"!!! We made the transfer and continued our meal. The storm came and went to leave not one but two beautiful rainbows! Then the girls got their balloons--the best part of the whole dining experience at JR.
Andrew was having dinner there too with his sitter, Nancy.

9/24/07 Ballet class

Fall is here and as promised I told Amanda we would sign up for a class of her choice. She chose ballet/tap with Miss Michelle. She was so excited to be back dancing just like her cousins: Stephanie and Alyssa. I was impressed that she actually was listening and following along quite well. She would goof off here and there--but overall she payed attention. We are proud of her.

9/24/07--Playdate with Lauren and James

Amanda had off from school already (teachers had a seminar or something)....Susan, Lauren and James came into Hoboken from Short Hills. We had so much fun. We haven't seen each other in a while so it was nice to see how the kids have grown in person rather than just photos. We had fun at Church Square park and then had pizza at Mario's. Susan's former nanny, Wendy and the boy she watches now, Matthew joined us too. Wendy's Mom was there to help too. It was a lot of fun being able to catch up and have the kids play together.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

9/23/07--Happy Fall!

Today is the first day of fall! It is a beautiful day with highs in the 80's so Amanda thought we should go to the beach to build sand castles! We headed to Sandy Hook beach which is about 45-50 min. away. Amanda didn't even want to put her toes in--but it could be due to the fact shortly after arriving the man who was fishing near where we were shouted SHARK! It was two (I think) dolphins swimming about 100 yards out. Some other guy thought it was two whales because the fins were black. I doubt whales were that close to shore--but....whatever--I think that freaked Amanda out for the rest of the day. Abbey on the other hand was like one of those turtles just born on the beach and they make a mad dash for the water. She loved it. It wasn't too cold either although I only went in to my calfs. We built a few sand castles, she buried my feet, threw sand at me and Abbey--which got me so mad after the 4th time saying not to. Amanda even freaked when Abbey was crawling to the water--ie: notice in one of the photos Amanda is grabbing Abbey by her bathing suit.

On another note--It is funny how literal kids interpret things you say. Amanda didn't take any classes (ballet or soccer) during the summer. She would ask to and I would say--no we will sign up in the fall. Well--she woke up this morning saying--is it fall out today? I said yes--she said let me look outside at the leaving dropping. I laughed. I said they are not going to all fall at one time like snow. It will happen slowly, etc. She said okay Mom--I am ready to go to ballet class. It is fall now. They are waiting for me!!!!

Friday, September 21, 2007

9/21/07--Abbey at the Picture People

Sssshhhhh don't tell Amanda that Abbey and I went out today while she was at school! We had her pictures taken at the Picture People in the Paramus Park mall. Keep your eyes open if you go there because they asked to use her photo to hang up in their studio! Most likely the one with her hand over her mouth. I am getting ready for her 1st birthday plus we had a coupon! Notice her vampire fangs in the first two photos! We usually go to Kiddie Kandids inside Babies R Us--but tried PP because I used to go there a lot with Amanda. In my opinion, you get more for your money at KK and I feel the pictures are sharper at KK. Don't get me wrong--I loved how the photos turned out--but would prob. recommend KK over Picture People.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

9/19/07---Who doesn't love the seals?

We basically live at Chuch Sq. Park. It seems like every afternoon/evening we are there which is great because we run into lots of our friends there. Today we ran into Emma, Gabrielle, Sydney, and Alexandra. Church Square Park is one of the many Hoboken parks but we prefer it because within Church Square park there are 6 different areas to play at. Big girl swings, small park, big girl park, baby/purple park, climby/new park, and seals. Plus we can't forget the dog parks--we love watching the dogs play at the two dog parks within Church Sq. too. Some of the parks are gated and easy to manage keeping an eye on both girls considering that Abbey is crawling all over the place and is almost ready to walk anytime now.

9/17/07--Sliding Sisters!

Amanda and Abbey and Clare and Gwen sliding down the slide at Church Square Park. They were having so much fun. Amanda and Clare would have done it all day--not sure the little ones would have lasted as long but they did seem to enjoy it.

Monday, September 17, 2007

9/16/07--In the park

Amanda playing in the park with Lucca (Romparoo friend). They were having lots of fun chasing each other with handfuls of grass to throw at each other--but that is what three year olds do!

9/15/07--Leo's Wedding

We went to a wedding for Leo and Cecilia Gattoni this past Saturday. It was held at the Colonial Inn, Norwood, NJ. Leo is a good friend/client of Mike's. They had a singer there that looked like Frank Sinatra. He was really terrific. The girls spent the day in Hoboken with Mike's parents: Grandma and Puck. They went to the park and Amanda's favorite restaurant: Quodba aka Rice and Beans! Amanda said she had a lot of fun. For the past two days Amanda has been home sick with croop. She has had such a raspy voice and runny nose too.

9/12/07--Abbey's first music class

I took Abbey to HER first class! Musicology at the Multipurpose center at 124 Grand St. I think she enjoyed it. There were lots of other kids there similiar in age. They played with eggs, scarfs, bubbles, balls, and a parachute. She loved the shakey eggs the best! There was even another girl named Abigail too. Great name!


Amanda posing on the second day of school. The best part of school is that she gets to wear her princess backpack.