Thursday, November 29, 2007

11/29/07--Pre-k 3 Class Photo

Amanda's first ever official class photo!

Sunday, November 25, 2007

11/24/07---Photo with Puck aka Grandpa

We had dinner on Sat. evening with Grandma and Grandpa aka Puck at Piasono's Rest. in Rutherford. Yummy. After dinner Puck walked the girls and me to our car and we stopped for a quick photo by the tall Christmas tree.

11/23/07--Marcella and Pedro are moving :(

Our friends, Marcella and Pedro are moving to Ft. Lauderdale, FL this coming week. They invited us over for cake. Marcella is my number one employee for making cork wreaths--three years straight (year-round) . I am truly going to miss her. They are expecting a baby girl (Suzanna) late January. We are happy for them but like I said will miss them tremendously. Pedro took a job with Mike's employer/parent company-Citigroup. We wish them all the best!

11/22/07--Happy Thanksgiving!

Today we went for thanksgiving dinner at Mike's parents house. Amanda loved playing with her cousins, Kayleigh and Ryan. Then we went to my sister Joanne's house for dessert. It was also my neice/Goddaughter Alyssa's 14th birthday too.
Notice Amanda pretending to read a Hannah Montana book--she loves Hannah! Thanks to cousin Stephanie.

11/21/07---Macy's Parade Balloon Inflation

We went into the city to see the Macy's parade ballons be inflated. What a nightmare! It was crazy. We parked at 64th steet and the walked up to 79-81st st. That wasn't a big deal for me--but for Mike on the electric scooter--a different story considering the crowds crossing the street. Then there was only one way in to see the balloons (79th and Columbus Ave.) and one way out. They basically barricaded the musuem of nat. history and the balloons were inflated on 79th st and 81 st. Mike got separated in the crowd from me and the girls. He didn't have his cell phone with him. Luckily my friend Meg was there and happened to spot him. There was no way for him to stop once in the traffic flow. Mike went the rest of the way with Meg, Nick, the girls and Meg's parents while I was alone with the girls and praying that Mike wasn't going to kill me for dragging him into the city the evening before a holiday! We met up at the end. I really thought Mike was going to divorce me--but now we can laugh about it.
It was nice to watch the parade on tv the next day and point the balloons out that we saw in person.

11/20/07--Princess playdate!

Desiree and I have started to babysit swap again. This evening was my turn to watch the girls. I was also babysitting Julianna (18 months). 5 little princesses were all playing, eating pirates booty, and ice pops. What more can you ask for!


Every Monday afternoon Amanda has ballet class. Today they used something extra fun--ribbon wands! I also asked Ms. Michelle if just once Amanda can be a line leader. Since Sept. when we started ballet--Amanda has tried to be a line leader and somehow another girl gets placed in front of her (not on purpose--just happens that way) She just once wants to lead the line and today was her turn! She was so happy. The little things in life truly mean more than any material things.

11/19/07--Thanksgiving Assembly

Amanda's class (pre-k 3) up through 2nd grade put on an assemby for thanksgiving. Amanda's class sang a butterfly song and a turkey song. "A turkey is a funny bird that goes wobble wobble wobble it can only say three words gobble gobble gobble." The butterfly song mentioned a robin in a tree, a fish in the sea, kangaroo, octupus, thank you God for making me. It was really cute--but I don't know all the words. The vest that Amanda's and her classmates wore has pictures of all the animals they sang about.
Amanda is the second child in from the left.
Each class dressed up differently. Pilgims, Turkeys, Indians, etc....
Abbey was a good audience member as long as she was noshing on her animal crackers.

11/17/07--Sleeping Beauty

Abbey went into her bedroom and fell asleep on the princess coach by herself while I taking a shower and getting dressed. She must have been so tired--grant it--It was her naptime!
Amanda who was supposed to be watching her had no idea where she was when I asked her. Then we found her there. Kids are funny.


Today Abbey and I went shopping with Jenny and Dorian at Ikea. I hadn't been there in so long prob. since just after the one opened in Paramus. We had a nice time shopping and had lunch in their cafe! Abbey is a french fry fein! She loves them. A nice treat for her since she got car sick on the way to the store--thank goodness for a set of spare clothes in the car. I went there needing nothing and came out with a cart full!

Thursday, November 15, 2007

11/14/07--Julian came over

Amanda's has a friend named Oliver who has a little brother named Julian that came over for me to watch/play today. Abbey enjoyed playing with him. Julian is 9 mo. and Abbey is turning 13 months tomorrow.

11/13/07---Last track practice for the season

Today was the last day of track for this season. It will resume shortly after St. Patrick's Day.
Today was gorgeous out--no coat needed.

Sunday, November 11, 2007

11/10/07--Cousins Sleepover

Aunt Joanne, Cousins: Alyssa, Ryan and Stephanie came down for the night. We had a sleepover party after going into the city for a while. We also went to the diner for dinner! We all saw the tree at Rock Center but it was surrounded with scaffolding so they can decorate it.

Big strike going on it the city with 8 broadway shows closed down because of the stagehand strike. We went to Saks, American Girl, and Sephora!

11/10/07--Katherine's Birthday

Today we celebrated Katherine Hudson's third birthday. Katherine is in Amanda's class at school. She had a cake decorating party put on by the Urban Kitchen here in Hoboken. The party was at a restaurant called Piccolo Roma Ristorante. Each kid received a spongecake to docorate with sprinkles, dots, gummies, etc. Amanda went a little overboard with the gummies I think. Iman (Katherine's mom) insisted that Abbey do one as well. I was surprised how much Abbey enjoyed it. She is no longer a baby and is turning into a little girl!


Ever been to Bergenfield,NJ? I have too many times this week. It is where our Pediatrition's office is located. Monday with Abbey and Thursday with Amanda. Both with a sinus infection. (I have got it too). Lucky us! But we are all on meds and feeling a little better.

11/7/07--Pigeon Entertainment

I am so proud to have another animal lover, Miss Abigaileeee! She was having so much fun feeding the pigeons at the park. They have no fear and practically come right up you (if you have food). I know they are gross pigeons...but she was having fun watching them chomp down the goldfish.