Monday, August 31, 2009

8/30/09--Lil Club Heads

Today we went clubbing--yes clubbing for toddlers and little ones in NYC--it is called Lil Club Heads. This time it was at Gstaad 26th St. between 6th/Broadway. I found street parking--that always makes my day!!!! The club was good--but not super busy, prob. because it was nice outside. It is better to go during the wintertime. We have done it before--long time ago and it was a ton of fun. Each of my girls won a t-shirt in the dance competition! (Although Abbey didn't dance--she was too afraid of the characters) A good way to kill a few hours. The girls enjoyed it.

8/29/09--Rainy Day

A rainy Saturday--after spin class we headed to Chuck E Cheese. The girls love it there.

8/28/09--Click Clack Moo

Many of my friends were telling me to try and see this wonderful performance in the city of Click Clack Moo. Well today was the day we went. It was the last day/last performance. I am so glad we went! It was really well done and the kids LOVED it!

8/27/09--Daisy Girl Scouts

We held our parents mtg. this evening at the Columbus Park Pavillion. It was very well. I was so nervous. I wanted chairs, etc. but it all worked out fine. The girls had a blast and it was pot-luck and everyone did bring something to share. So far we have over 35 girls signed up with many more that are going to. We will have close to 50 girls by the deadline. Crazy!!! We are splitting into two smaller groups. I am the co-leader of the Tuesday troop with Desiree and Vrinda.

8/26/09--Palisades Park Swim Center

We were invited to swim at the Pal. Park pool today with Olivia K. and her family. After we found it--it was a lot of fun. Claire was with us too! Abbey and Jack (Olivia's little brother) are hopefully going to be in the same class this fall (I mean in couple weeks!)

8/25/09 Last summer concert

The last shipyard concert for the summer of 2009. My the latter half of the summer has flown by.

8/16-8/22/09 Girls in NY

The girls spent the week at Aunt Joanne's house. They had fun each day playing with all the kids cousin Alyssa babysits for. Jared, Antonia, Giannia, Delaney, Ava, I know i am prob. forgetting some names...but you get the idea. They have a swingset, trampoline, and swimming pool. It was the hottest week of the summer so they spent many hours in the pool! They went to a drive-in movie, saw their cousins at dance class, and spent time with Aunt Nancy and Pop-Pop. It was so quiet at home without them. Mike and I were able to accomplish a lot of work. I was working hard on my wreaths all week. I will attach photos soon.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

8/16/09--House Guest cont.

Today we took Alyssa and her friends to China town. Martina had never been there before. They each got a knock off bag, Steph--a peace t-shirt, and Amanda got a pair of ballerina earrings. Abbey LOVED playing with a dog near one of the street vendors. Joanne didn't know it was a pit bull--she couldn't believe i let her play with a pit bull. It was a very nice dog though. Then we headed uptown to Carnegie deli which had too long of a line so we ended up at the Stardust diner. Abbey loved all the singers. Then to American Girl Place and back to Hoboken. They had to bring Carlos back to their families so--back again to Carlos. This time Buddy was there! One of the highlights from today---getting not one but TWO awesome free parking spots in NY! Talk about luck!!!!

8/15/09--House Guests in Hoboken

Aunt Joanne, cousin Stephanie and cousin Alyssa came to Hoboken wiht two of Alyssa's friends: Heidi and Martina. They wanted to go to Carlos Bakery since it is famous now since they film the TLC tv show there, called "Cake Boss." The bakery, although delicious, has become insanely popular and there are always lines out the door now. The girls went to Carlos. Steph was most excited! We went for dinner and a walk on the pier.

8/6/09--Another concert with friends

Hoboken has TONS of free activities and concerts each night during the summer. Thurs. are held at Frank Sinatra park. The kids always have someone to play with. Tonight Amanda and Abbey were playing with Anya, Trinity, Garrett, and Kennedy. Amanda and Anya have really enjoyed playing with each other lately.

8/8/09- Playdate at Haley's house

Today we went to our friend Haley's house. She too has a big outdoor heated pool here in Hoboken. I could have swam all day but was having too much fun talking with Stacy--Haley's mom! Abbey loved Haley's sandbox the best.

8/8/09--Union City opened a new pool

Today we headed up the hill to Union City. They opened a new public pool (we didn't get in--too long of a wait). They did give out free hot dogs, cotton candy, popcorn, water, soda and had lots of free rides. We ran into Jenny and Giacomo there and invited them to come swimming with us at the Skyclub pool since we couldn't swim at this pool. It was fun.

8/6/09--Our second practice Daisy mtg.

Did I mention that I am a Girl Scout Troop leader! Yes, a Daisy leader. Daisies are for kindegarden and first graders. We have over 50 girls signed up and we didn't even publisize it. It was just from word of mouth. I know what you are thinking--I have a BIG mouth!!! Today we had our second practice Daisy mtg. Margaret, our Field Exec. stopped by too. The girls are adorable doing the flag ceremony and singing all the songs.

8/5/09--Playdate/Movies under the stars

We had the Pooley girls over to play. That evening was movies under the stars on Pier A. Tonights show--Kung Foo Panda. We only lasted an hour because Amanda was tired and actually fell asleep in the stroller on the way home.

8/3/09--Cat ran a 5K in Hoboken

I ran my first 5K to benefit the Alzheimer's association. It was a great night out. It took me 40 minutes and Mike the the kids waited for me at the Pier A finish line. Typical male didn't take a photo of me crossing the finish line or running. Instead I had him take this awful photo of me after the race with the kids. Mom-I did this for you! Thanks for getting me through!