Saturday, January 15, 2011

12/15/10--Madeline passed away

Madeline our little kitty princess died. She dropped down to just over 4lbs. I took her to the vet. yesterday and had bloodwork done. Her levels were off and she was fighting something. Prob. cancer. She was good up until the last couple days. Drinking tons of fluids lately. It was a very very sad day for me. The girls didn't cry. Amanda act. asked when can she get another kitty. I was floored. I was so mad i couldn't answer her. That night i told her that people and animals are NOT replaceable and how it hurt me for her to say that. Madeline was with me always since i was 20 yrs. old. She was around when Samantha (my most beloved English Springer spaniel was alive and when my Mom was alive) She was what seems like the last living peice of my childhood left. Now it is gone. My princess Madeline (Lana--ask in Madelana which we often would call her) we miss you every day but know you are not suffering anymore. Stay with MeMe and she will take care of you. We will be together someday in heaven to hear that purr again!

12/15/10--Amanda's holiday show at HCA

photos to come.......

12/14/10--Abbey's holiday show at HCA

more photos to come

12/9/10--Cousin Krystle visits

Cousin Krystle her son Kaiden and Tim came to visit. They are moving back to either Hoboken or Weehawken.

12/8/10--City Hall tree lighting

Daisy Scouts--we sang Jingle Bells

12/8/10-Rockettes/Tree/American Girl

12/6/10--Santa breakfast at HCA

I forgot my camera (although later on i realized it was in my bag the whole time) Baby brain.
Here are photos from other people. Thank you friends. (will post more later)
The girls (their friends) and I manned the door and took tickets!

12/7/10--playdate with Olivia and photos of Ava

12/6/10--Cousin Fran visits

Franny candy visits Ava for the first time. The girls were so excited she was at our place after school.


We always get our Santa photo done at the Riverside Square Mall. Best Santa! Ava's first time! We make a night of it. Dinner at Cheesecake factory, play for a bit at Pottery Barn Kids store, and photo with Santa! Love it. Abbey doesn't want to go near Santa--Amanda is the buffer.

12/4/10--Paramus Park

Shopping with the girls always requires a pit stop at the carousel.

12/4/10--Cousin Kayleigh's b-day

We went to see the movie Tangled up in Ramsey on a Sat. morning at 9:30am. We made it!!!!!

12/3/10--Decorating the school

Spent 5 plus hrs at the school helping to decorate it for the Santa breakfast. Kids helped after school.


Photos of Madeline under the tree. She loves drinking the water from the tree! Slinky too.

11/2010--Photo of Nana Bruno's house

This is the house my Dad grew up in. 166 Cannon St. Poughkeepsie, NY 12601

Not the best area of town now--that is for sure. Nice house though. It used to be a grey blue color (that is how i will always remember it). Giant mulberry tree in the back. Nana had grapevines growing. a bird bath, patio furniture, a freezer outside with a chain and lock around it to store her frozen boxes of entemann's! The backyard must have been about 150 deep. i used to mow the grass. great house bad location. lots of memories there.

11/30/10 First Aid for Daisies

Hoboken University Medical Center

11/28/10 Dave's 50th

Trinity rest. Blast!!!!