Wednesday, May 26, 2010

5/20/10--Abbey's 1st playdate

Abbey's first official playdate with a girlfriend, Kayla! They both had a great time.

5/19/10--Our new house!

We bought a house! 134 Park Ave., Hoboken. We are going to knock it down and build a new house up by the curb so we have a backyard! This will prob. take at least a year--but we FINALLY did it! We have been looking for a long time. Bidding and losing....but now it is finally happening!

5/18/10--City Hall Tour

We went to many city hall depts and even got to see the municipal courtroom. Good way to spend rainy afternoon! We love Daisy Scouts!

5/17/10--Track or Flower picking???

They said FLOWER PICKING!!!!

5/16/10--Hoboken's Baby Parade

The Daisy Girl Scouts lead the parade. They also helped volunteer by handing out balloons, helping people register, handing out goody bags and stickers. It was a really great day!

5/15/10 Track Meet

5/14/10--Gardening out front

We have no yard but we do own two trees in front of our condo. We have fun each year landscaping our little plots!

5/11/10--Matt's 6th

We were invited to Matt's 6th Birthday party at Chelsea Piers Bowling alley. We all rode the ferry over then took the bus. It was lots of fun!

5/9/10--Happy Mother's Day!

Today the girls and I went to get manicures and pedicures for Mother's Day! Then we had dinner up in Westwood with Mike's family.

5/8/10--Aanya's Birthday party

Aanya's 5th Birthday party FINALLY!!!!!!! Her birthday was mid-dec. but the place Vrinda wanted to have it was closed. They finally reopened and Aanya had her b-day party. They made pizzas and cupcakes at the Urban Kitchen. Lots of fun.

5/8/10--last soccer practice of the spring

today was the last hca soccer practice for the spring. It rained in between with some really heavy downpours at times. My girls like being goalies so they don't have to run alot. talk about lazy things. one time they were even sitting in the goal. i nearly fell over when i saw them.

5/7/20--Mike's birthday!

We went to a Biergarten in Jersey City to celebrate and had cake at home after.

5/7/10--5K Logistics Committee kids

I am a co-chair of Hoboken Catholic Academy's 5K race fundraiser happening on 6/5/10. LOTS of work to plan and organize this huge fundraiser to benefit the girls school technology innitiative. We met at Pier A this afternoon to go over the layout. All of our kids played together.

5/7/10--My classroom

Today the girls came to visit me at work (for a little while). They loved seeing my classroom and mtg. the kids.