Thursday, December 27, 2007

12/21/07--St. Augustine's Nativity Scene Show

Friday afternoon we drove up to New Paltz to join our cousins in the annual nativity show at St. A's. Last year Abbey was only two months old so she played the part of baby Jesus--but this year she was an angel just like Amanda and cousin Stephanie. This year my sister and Mrs. Butterfield who organize the event desperately needed someone to play Joseph--so who better to ask then my nephew Ryan. That didn't go over too well. So bribery works! My sister had to pay a $25. gift card to game stop for my nephew to play the part of Joseph. Ryan is 11 and too cool to do stuff like that! But he did a great job as did Stephanie, Amanda and Abbey. Alyssa and her friend Jaime did face painting for the kids after the show. The show lasted ruffly an hour and then there snacks and face painting as mentioned previously. It was another event to put us in the holiday spirit.

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