Friday, July 24, 2009

7/24/09 --Dressing up Daisy

Daisy wore a tu-tu today! She tolerated the girls dressing her up--but prefers not to wear a tu-tu or other costume.

7/22/09 Hoboken water park

7/22/09---St. Ann's Feast

We had a little table for Hoboken Catholic Academy--golf outing. Mike offered to run it. The girls had fun on all the rides and we played one game. We ran into many friends including Claire and Renee. They had fun doing dance moves together.

7/23/09-- more gymnastics class

The girls have fun bouncing and jumping on the trampoline. In between their turns they have fun singing Ms. Mary Mack, etc. Brings back memories.

7/21/09--Liberty Science Center with Matthew

Today we met Matthew and his Dad at the Liberty Science Center for a playdate-field trip. Claire is also with us this week. The kids loved playing with all the stuff. We also watched a banana get operated on! The kids didn't want to volunteer but it was fun to watch. Abbey ofcourse loved playing with the rice in the kiddie room. Amanda hadn't seen Matt in a few weeks and was SO SO happy and excited to see him. They were holding hands. It is so cute.

7/20/09--Soccer practice

The town offers free soccer lessons. Amanda participated with some prodding. She claims not to like sports. The heat got to her and she also complained it was too bright outside. Just a happy little camper! Abbey enjoyed playing with Olivia and baby Jonathan more than Amanda enjoyed playing soccer with Alexander.

7/19/09--Cousin AJ's 3rd Birthday

Cousin AJ from CT celebrated his third birthday. He had a petty zoo come to his house. The girls rode on ponies, pet the animals including: bunnies and sheep. They loved the water gun and shovel/pail favors the best with the tootsie rolls!

7/18/09 The Stanbridge family visits

We miss our friends the Stanbridges'. They moved to the suburbs but close enough that we can visit them and visa versa.

7/17/09-- Union City water park

We had to wait to go into the pool area until after 2pm because of daycares/camps that were in the pool. The girls played with Amanda's classmate Dominic. They had fun but told me the water was cold.

7/15/09--First gymnastics class

Today was Amanda's first gymnastics class! She loves it!!! She actually gave me a wave to show that I could leave. Horray. She loved jumping on the trampoline the best. We switched from the Wed. class to the Tues and Thursday class. Twice as many times a week--drop off from 9-11:30am for free! I am so happy she loves it.

7/14/09-- Cello

This evening after the concert we stayed and listened to a couple musicians play soft music in the plaza. Amanda loved watching the cello player because Matthew (the boy she loves) plays the cello! They call this puppy love!

7/14/09-- kids will be kids

We went to a mall in E. Brunswick, NJ today while we waited for my car spoiler and side moldings to be attached to my car. The girls had a blast standing in front of I believe Aeorpostale and watching themselves on the tv camera. They stood there and just danced and watched themselves for a while! Some store employees got a laugh.

7/13/09-- Bronx Zoo

Today we went with the Pooley's to the Bronx Zoo. The girls have never been there before. We all enjoyed it. Amanda loved seeing the giraffes and Abbey loved the peacocks and their babies! The best part was the big slide though!!!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

7/2/09--Abbey clogged the toilet

I don't know exactly how much toilet paper she put down the toilet. I was doing the dishes and Mike was at the computer in the kitchen just steps away from the bathroom. Abbey was too quiet. There was at least an inch of water covering the floor. Luckily I got it in time and our neighbors below didn't get damaged!

7/12/09--Highline park/walkway NYC

Target hosted a festival in honor of the opening of the Highline park. It used to be an old railway. They had face painting, a cowboy, free postcards, magic shows, arts/crafts, and the largest lemonade stand. I found free street parking!!!