Wednesday, June 25, 2008


They upgraded our hotel room because they tried to give us a smoking room and it stunk! So they moved us to a room with a jacuzzi! The girls loved spashing in the big tub!!!!! Staying in a hotel is fun as it is--let alone one with a giant tub!!!!

6/19/08----Sesame Place

A little summer getaway--Sesame Place! We all had a good time. The girls loved the water slide, wave pools, fishy ride that went up in the air, the carousel, etc..... The shows were fun too--but a little long for my girls attention span--esp Abbey. The girls got to see all their characters--although the live characters scared Abbey to death. We had dinner with the characters and she was okay as long as they didn't some near her--but at one point she did hi-five I believe it was Elmo. On our second day at the park many of Amanda's school friends came down along with some other friends for a day trip. Amanda loved bumping into people as we went around the park, esp. Olivia K. and Gabriella. We would def. go again. It is only 90 min. from our home.


On our way home from Edgewater today we saw a full rainbow! It was gorgeous! I actually stopped the car and stood in the rain to get these shots because it is rare that you a full rainbow-esp. over the Mahattan skyline!
On the right side of the rainbow there was even an double rainbow!!!! Now if i can only find the pot of gold!!!!

6/15/08--Father's Day BBQ

Aunt Toni and Uncle Ben hosted a father's day bbq at their home in Emerson. The food was yummy. I took the girls swimming in their pool with their cousins: Ryan, Kayleigh, and AJ.

6/15/08--Swimming with cousins

The girls joined their cousins Ryan and Steph for a morning swim. Can't keep those fish out of the water!

6/14/08--Alyssa and Stephanie's Dance Recital

Being the super Aunt that I am!!!!! I couldn't miss my neices' dance recital. I joined my Dad and sister Nancy and we went to watch the girls in their various numbers. My Dad sat through it but felt like he was being tortured--he is more into sports rather than girly dances. I however enjoyed the show. I am very proud of Liss and "F" for all their hard work and dedication.

6/14/08--Visiting Friends

Today we were planning on going strawberry picking with Chrissy and Elainah and Eva and Sophia in New Paltz but the strawberry patch didn't open until a few days later. That didn't do us any good! We all hung out at Chrissy's house instead. We went swimming in her pool before the thunderstorms chased us inside. The girls all had a great time playing together. Sophia was deathly afraid of Bailey the dog. Abbey thought it was fun to crawl into the dog crate. Crazy kid. It was a great day to catch up. Chrissy, Eva and I have been friends since kindegarden and first grade. We go way back and we hope our kids will too!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

6/11/08--Pre-K 3 Graduation

Today was Amanda's official last day of school. The kids in pre-k 3, pre-k 4, and KG put on a show. Amanda's class sang skinnymarkinkydinkydink--skinnymarinkyd0 and another song called I love God, I love you. They each received a diploma and a goody bag with bubbles and other treats in it. The last 9 months have flown by. We are so proud of our little girl--now heading into Pre-k 4!!!!!

6/10/08--Princess Katie and Racer Steve

Shipyard concert tonight featured Pricess Katie and Racer Steve. We love their song entitled--"We Dress Ourselves." 100 degree heat again--but at least at 7pm it is a little cooler. The girls enjoy our weekly concert/picnic.


Today was kiddipallooza in Hoboken on pier a. Polka Dot performed, there was a bouncey house--but it was too hot (100 degrees out today), sand art, plant a flower booth, Amanda got cotton candy, balloon animals, bubbles, arts and crafts, train rides, pony rides, and other area businesses that are related to kids offered different things at their tables. Amanda got sunscreen in her eyes--what a nightmare. After we were able to wash it out--the day went much better. The girls love making sand art. Afterwards the girls cooled off in the seal sprinklers at the park. What a hot day!

6/7/08--Ocean Grove, NJ

We drove down to OG today. The weather was predicted to be 95 hot and humid in Hoboken--but at the beach it seemed 10 degees cooler. The water was only in the 50s--but we were able to put our toes in. We had lunch with cousin Fran and Krystle at the Rasberry Cafe.

6/4/08--Playdate at the White House

That has a cool ring to it--at The White House!!!! It was so hot outside--but the girls were having fun splashing in the pool, eating popcicles and doing paints on the lawn to notice.

6/3/08--Summer concerts in the Shipyard

Every Tuesday evening throughout the summer there are kiddie concerts on the Shipyard lawn/stage. The first week was American family jamboree. Amanda was so excited because her friend Matthew was going to be there. Abbey kept running all over the place--nothing can keep the girl still.

6/1/08- Nathaniel is 4!

Another party today! We drove out to Fairfield,NJ for this one at Fun Time Junction (kinda like Chucky Cheese). Amanda and Abbey loved playing in the playhouse, with the games, going through the tunnels, and esp. making sand art!!!!

5/31/08--Clare's 4th Birthday party

Clare S. is 4!!!! We went up to her new home in Suffern, NY for the party. They had a super face painter there. It was Abbey's first time getting her face painted. She got a flower. Amanda got two--cinderella on her arm and a star with a rainbow on her cheek. The sandbox was a big hit as well.