Tuesday, June 23, 2009

6/23/09--- Amanda's wrapping paper

Amanda drew a card for Mike for father's day and wrapped it in one of Abbey's pull-ups!!! Clean pull-up--you sickie! We thought that was too funny and ingenious.

Monday, June 22, 2009


No photos today. Thank you to Debbie and Erika for a great playdate!

6/21/09--NYC playground

6/21/09--Dan Zanes at MONH

Dan Zanes, famed kids singer, hosted a free concert with admission to the Museum of Natural History. We made sure to get there early for tickets. Notice the girls right in the front dancing etc. It was in the hall of ocean life with the huge whale hanging above us.

6/20/09--IncrediBills in Monclair

There is a new indoor playland called IncrediBills (same as the one in Waldwick, NY that we went to a month or so ago) The one in Monclair is smaller--but the kids didn't mind. It is brand new--you can smell the fresh paint. I don't know if I would go back unless someone had a birthday party there--but for a free admission day like today in the rain--it was perfect.

6/19/09-- Frank Sinatra Contest

This evening we made it home in time to attend the Frank Sinatra contest held at none other than Frank Sinatra Park. Some of the singers had the look--but not the voice and there were a couple that really sang excellently. The four judges were quite funny too. What a great evening. Even our girls were pretty well behaved throwing rocks into the river so Mike and I could enjoy the music.

6/19/09-HCA's 2nd Annual trip to Sesame Place

Our second trip to Sesame place. We all had a nice time and the weather held up. No rain (something that it has been doing WAY too much of lately.) Although the water was freezing. So we didn't spend much time doing water activities. We did a couple shows, lots of rides, and ofcourse a quick trip into the gift shop.

6/18/09--Hotel life

Abbey and Amanda love staying at hotels. They were crazy excited. Jumping on the beds and had the hardest time falling asleep that night despite the fact that they were tired. Abbey got a kick "reading" the Bible!

6/18/09--Sahara Sam's Indoor Water park

Mike took a couple days off for a mini-vacation. We were origionally planning on going to Great Adventure to the do safari today--but have been watching the weather and saw rain in the forecast. I noticed a posting on mommypoppins.com for Sahara Sam's water park. It was meant to be. It was pouring rain out today--but it didn't bother us! We were in an indoor playland. I could only imagine how crazy it must get on the weekends, etc.. It was enjoyable because school is still in and it is a Thursday!!! What fun! A really cool mommy thing I noticed in the bathroom was a bathing suit spinner. You place your wet suit in the spinner--shut the top and within a minute the suit is practically dry! How awesome is that!

6/17/09--Abbey and swim class

No photos attached. Abbey is CRAZY in swim class. She swings from the railing on the edge of the steps and sometimes loses grip and goes under--the lifeguard had to pull her up twice doing that. Another time she was trying to reach a toy and totally went under. It makes my heart race a mile a minute. It is really scary. We need to watch her like a hawk at all times because she has no fear. When the lifeguard pulls her up she doesn't cough or make a gag sound --she must be holding her breath I guess?? So so scary!

6/16/09--Teardrop Park

We found it. Thank you Rebecca and Desiree for the directions. Another first for us. Abbey loved the huge slide but Amanda preferred the sand pit. She is not a fan of heights (neither am I).

6/16/09--Gardening in Battery park

We finally made it to gardening in Battery park! We took the ferry over to Battery park played on the playground for a little bit then attended the gardening club called "Young Sprouts." The girls did an art project with glue and seeds, watered the garden, and planted seeds. We ran into a few friends over there as well. Amanda loved helping Olivia with her art project while Abbey played with baby Jonathan!

6/16/09--Yoga class

The gym had a Mommy and me free trial yoga class today. They both loved it at first. Then Amanda started to lose steam--she started getting hungry and tired--but Abbey enjoyed the whole class-esp. the foot rub at the end.

6/15/09--Renee turns 4!

Ice cream party at the park! Yummy! Abbey preferred eating just marshmellows. Amanda had chocolate ofcourse with sprinkles. I loved the ice cream cone shaped bubble favors the best. How perfect for an ice cream birthday party.