Tuesday, May 27, 2008

5/26/08--Turtle Back Zoo

Today we went as a family to the Turtle Back Zoo. It was a gorgeous day to be outside walking around. They have added a carousel since we have been there last--that ofcourse was a hit. Amanda had to help Abbey at the playground park of the zoo--because there were so many kids up in the tunnels that Abbey was scared. Amanda helped her down. There were three peacocks roaming free throughout the lawns of the zoo. They let out some howls---we don't know why they were howling--but it was funny. Mike hadn't been to TBZ since he was a kid--so he enjoyed our excursion. Amanda and Abbey were both sound asleep in the car before we left the parking lot. I guess the sun, fresh air, and the walking took its toll.

5/25/08--Family party for Amanda

This afternoon we had Amanda's family party. We took everyone to Amanda's favorite rest. (her choice to go their)--Quodba aka Rice and Beans!!! We all took up the whole patio area of the restaurant. After that we went to Church Sq. park where the kids all played for awhile and then some of us played duck duck goose on the astroturf park grass. Then back to our place for cake and more presents!

5/25/08---Amanda is 4!

Happy Birthday Amanda! She is officially 4 yrs. old. She was so excited that it was her birthday. She wanted to open her presents from us first thing in the morning rather than waiting for her cousins to arrive. we then played Elefun all morning.

5/22/08--Sports Awards Ceremony

Hoboken Catholic held their sports awards ceremony today during school hours. Abbey and I went to watch. Amanda received two medals: one for track and one for t-ball! She was so excited! --Although she mentioned she wanted a bigger trophy! That is my daughter!!!!The bigger trophys are for the bigger kids. We are so proud of her achievements! her award medals are hanging in her room.

5/20/08---Sushi Class at Whole Foods

Today we took a sushi making class at Whole Foods. The girls were able to pat the rice down on the seaweed paper, fill it with cucumber, avacado, asparagus, and then roll it up in the bamboo roller. Amanda said she made it for her Daddy! She was in no mood to taste it--she ended up taking it to school to show her friends and share at snack time with the edamame.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

5/18/08--Sophie's 4th Birthday party

Sophie is the girl in the light pink dress in the first photo all the way on the right side with the long brown curly hair.

Today we went to Sophie Tully's birthday party held at her house. It was a princess party. The girls were able to play outside in the sand box for a short time--but then it started to rain. Then they ran around the house. They jumped on the bed in their downstairs spare room. They did a pinata, musical chairs, and hot potato.

5/7/08--Mike's birthday

Out of order--but don't want to forget--Mike's birthday! Big 37 this year. He is old! I can say that because he will always be older than me!!!! We invited his parents to dinner. We went to Trattoria Sapporito--4th and Washington St. here in Hoboken. Great Italian food. They were less then patient with the girls though. We usually sit outside incase the girls get rambunctios we take them for a walk-etc. but it was soooo cold today--so we sat inside. Amanda loves calamari--but they sprinkled chopped parsley on it and god forbid it had a speck of green on it--oh no--she was not eating it. Abbey loves everything (except pancakes--go figure) esp. Daddy's 7 layer birthday cake!

5/17/08--Amanda's friend Party

Today we had Amanda's friend party at the New Jersey Children's Museum, Paramus. It was a hit! The kids were all over the place playing on the firetruck, helicopter, backhoe, sandbox, teepee, grocery store, post office, diner, lite-brite (adult sized), doll house, etc..... It was wild. The kids and adults gathered in the party room for pizza then went and played again until it was time for cupcakes. Then went and played some more. 33 kids running all over the place with their parents. Amanda loved it! It is just a bit confusing to her why we were having a party and it wasn't her real birthday! Her birthday is on Mem. Day weekend and many people go away--so we decided to have it early this year.

5/11/08--Mother's Day

What a bitter sweet day. I loved hearing Happy Mother's Day from my girls--okay Amanda--and having them say--this is your day--whatever you want to do! On the other hand I miss my Mom more than anything. She was my BEST friend. I miss you Mom!
We stayed close to home and went to a great authentic Mexican restaurant here in Hoboken called Gharittos. Abbey loved the guacamole made at our table and Amanda loved the grilled chicken!

5/10/08--Amelia's 4th Birthday

Amelia is one of Amanda's favorite friends from school. She had a tea party at her house and everyone came dressed up as a princess or knight if you are a boy!
The kids had a great time. There was a balloon man there and he was fabulous. Amanda requested a giraffe--it was about 3 feet high. He was awesome!
Mrs. Foley (Amanda's teacher) came to the party for a little while--that was a great hit! All the kids went wild! Ps--Amelia is dressed as Snow White

Sunday, May 11, 2008


This the prayer Amanda learned at school.........so cute.

5/4/08--Hoboken Arts and Music Festival

Twice a year Hoboken hosts an Arts and Music Festival on Washington St. It is a nice fest. but can get crazy crowded and then I say to myself--why do I come here! We never buy anything because they usually have the same vendors and God knows we don't need anymore stuff in our place! The kids enjoy the kiddie section though. Kiddie music including the Fuzzy Lemons! Maiken (the puppet show host) is part of the band so Amanda really likes them. Then Amanda made a tied-dyed shirt for Mike for father's day. Afterwards she did a bouncey-jumpy ride. Yes, that is Amanda in the tye-dye shirt standing up front.


We called purses--pockies. The girls wanted to play with all their pockies today. Can they carry anymore? And yes--we have more!

5/2/08---HCA Field Day

Today was Amanda's school Field Day. Rain was predicted so they decided to do it in the Gym and courtyard instead. I was a parent volunteer. The kids paraded around the school and then went to different stations set up: Elephun, t-ball (a bit dangerous for being inside--but) dress-up, bowling, and parachute--which Amanda really enjoyed. The school mascot-a Cardinal- made an appearance at the end--which scared Amanda. All the kids really enjoyed playing and having fun so did I!

4/29/08--Abbey's first cone

Today was free cone day at Ben and Jerry's! It was also the first time Abbey had her own cone! We usually share or I feed her from a cup--but lately she is miss independent and wants to do everthing herself. She did great and truly enjoyed her cone! Thank goodness for my washing machine. All of her clothes go directly into it!

4/28/08---Alyssa's Confirmation

Today was Alyssa's confirmation. It was held at her parish: St. Augustine's RC Church, Highland. There were 40 kids being confirmed. The ceremony went smoothly--I was able to sit down--as opposed to the rest of my family standing in the back of the church watching my girls. I could hear Abbey from time to time. The church was packed! It was pouring rain outside so we couldn't even take the girls outside to play and keep quiet. Alyssa looked great as always--We are so proud of her!!!!

By the way--Alyssa has 2 inch heels in this photo and I am wearing little pumps.


We are up visiting my family this weekend because Alyssa's confirmation is going to be held on Monday evening (yes--weird I know--but I guess that is the only day the bishop is available to do it --how convenient) Alyssa asked me to be her sponsor! What a privilege! Today we drove up to Woodstock (30 min. north of my parents house). I love the village of Woodstock. They have the cutest little shops! I never have taken Amanda--so it was fun to do together. I bought them tied-dyed Woodstock t-shirts. So out of character for me--but when in "Woodstock."

Abbey has croup and just went to the doctor so she slept in the car and Mike stayed with her.

One of my favorite stores is Jean Turmo--she sells all kinds of bath supplies--soaps, bath beads, jewelery, nail polish, etc......Amanda loved picking out all the bath beads in different shapes! We also went to Bearsville and showed the girls a Chinese rest. called the Little Bear--it is situated along a rushing stream and is just so quaint. If you ever go around Halloween time--they cut out a lot of Jack-o-lanterns and place them all along the side of the stream and it looks awesome. The girls were in no mood to sit still for lunch--so we just got something to go, used their restroom, and took a few photos. A really nice day. I haven't been up to Woodstock in at least 4 yrs. if not longer--so it was nice relaxing day browsing around!