Monday, November 29, 2010

11/25/10 Thanksgiving

11/23/10 Ava

11/22/10 Abbeys thanksgiving show

11/21/10---Ava's Christening


11/16/10--Sushi Making at Daisy Scouts

Today the girls made and tried Sushi! Many of our girls gobbled it down. Others didn't want to eat it--but enjoyed making it. One girl didn't want any part of it at all.


Abbey invited her classmate Meghan over for a playdate today. Her sister Grace came for a bit too.

11/14/10--Cousins visit

Cousin Lorraine (Ava's Godmother) and her children Ryan and Kayleigh along with Aunt Toni came to visit baby Ava today.

11/14/10--M. Avery Design/Samantha's b-day

Amanda went to Samantha's 6th b-day party at M. Avery Design today. Samantha is her friend and classmate. They made handbags and beaded pins. Abbey Ava and I had a special time together while Amanda attened her party.

11/13/10--Davis's b-day party

Abbey went to a Karate b-day party for Davis. Amanda and i (ava in toe) got manicures while Abbey went to her party. It was a nice afternoon.

11/13/10--Meadowlands Environmental Center

We took the Daisy scouts to the MEC in Lynhurst. It is so beautiful there. Walking thru the marsh made you feel like you were a long distance from the city. It was so peaceful until the girls started running down the rampways (abbey fell in mud--fun times!!!)

2010--Abigail's Pre-K 4 photo