Wednesday, February 18, 2009

2/18/09---New Blog

Two of my friends just started a new blog. It is great check it out:

Tell me Desiree--how do you do it? Work full time as an Attorney, have two kids, cook, clean and maintain two blogs? Please share your secret!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

2/1/09--Ryan's game

Today we went to visit Aunt JoJo and the cousins. Cousin Ryan had a CYO basketball game. It was so exciting! The game was so close and Rye's team lost by only a few points! Amanda learned some new terminology: timeouts--no they are not in trouble--just taking a short break to talk. Ryan played really well despite being poked or was it elbowed right in his eye. Go Rye Go!!!! We were his cheerleaders!

2/7/09--Olivia K.'s 5th Birthday

Olivia's 5th was held at Build a Bear Workshop, Garden State Plaza. They hosted lunch at Papa-Ratzi first for the parents and the kids. Amanda picked out a pink monkey that she named Sparkles. It was interested to watch the kids all pick out the different bears, monkeys, dinosaurs, etc...... and then dress them!

2/6/09--Julianna playdate

Today Julianna came over after school. She loved holding Madeline too--but it turns out she is allergic and had scratchy eyes when she got home. The girls had fun doing dress up. They even wore matching costumes thanks to Amanda's cousins: Alyssa and Stephanie's old dance costumes.

2/5/09--Playdate with Daniel and Katherine

At school yesterday without even consulting me--Amanda goes up to Daniel and asks him to come over for a playdate! Ofcourse I would have said yes--but that is not the point. She was so excited and even said Daniel was her boyfriend although she still likes Matthew too! I told her not to kiss him.

2/4/09--Dorian's 2nd

Today Jenny hosted a small party for Dorian's second birthday. Abbey lately doesn't want her photo taken---she is living in the wrong house for that attitude! She loved holding baby Isobelle. Happy B-Day Dorian!

2/1/09--Baby Ethan

My friend from elementary school, Eva had her second child Ethan! What an adorable tiny baby! He was 4 weeks early! Big sis Sophia was very proud!

1/30/09--Hot Choc. and Cookie party

The kids in pre-k 3 thru kindegarten hosted a hot choc. and cookie party for the entire school. Every child brought in his/her favorite cookies and/or supplies for hot choc. (don't worry it wasn't too hot--we cooled it with milk for the kiddies!) The kids in the upper grades were invited to share in the party!

1/29/09--Olivia playdate

Olivia H. came over today for a playdate! The girls had tons of fun playing together. Olivia tried to feed Daisy goldfish by taking her dish and throwing it in the air! She did this twice-and the dog didn't even eat them! Daisy made her a little nervous! Although she loved holding our cat Madeline!

1/29/09--Arts and Crafts at HCA

Today the kids in Pre-3 thru K had arts and crafts time all together in the gym. They made three Valentine's decorations.

1/26/09--Chinese New Year at HCA

The kids at HCA made dragons and paraded them around the gym. We followed the parade with a small party/lunch. The kids had white and chicken fried rice, fortune cookies and sliced fresh oranges. Yum!

1/25/09--Julianna's 5th Birthday

Amanda's classmate, Julianna, hosted her 5th birthday party at Monroe St. Movement Center. Tons of kids there--over 30! They all had a blast.

1/12/09--Nanny's Funeral

Mike's Nana, Albina Spirig passed away at the age of 93. She had a great life and will be missed by many. Attached are photos from the repass lunch. The girls with their cousins: Madison (baby), Grace and George.