Thursday, December 27, 2007

12/26/07--Palisades Center Mall

We drove up to the Palisades Mall to get cousin Stephanie. Steph or "F-ie" as I call her is going to stay with us for a few days. Steph and Liss introduced us to a new store that we don't have down here but they have near their house called Club Libby Lu. A very girly girly store where you can make your own lip gloss, body lotion, face masks etc. Girls can get their hair done up there like a rock star.

12/25/07--CHRISTMAS DAY!!!!

Christmas Day 2007! We had a hectic morning at MeMe and Pop Pops. First thing in the morning the girls came down stairs and each opened a present from Santa. Santa left a note saying that the rest of the gifts were at our home in Hoboken for when we return home.
Then we went over to Aunt Joanne's house for breakfast and presents. MeMe wasn't feeling well so she and Pop pop didn't make it over to Joanne's today. We were sad about that--but went back later to see them and share our gifts with them.

In the afternoon we headed to Emerson, NJ to Mike's cousin Lorraine's house. Amanda loves playing with Ryan (6 yrs) and Kayleigh (just turned 3). Cousin AJ (1.5 yrs) was there too. The cousins all had a good time playing together. Too much delicious food! Poor Robyn--she had her desserts on the deck to stay cool and noticed a squirrel feasting on her homemade cheesecake, pound cake, etc. Secret Santa was good although Mike and I ended up leaving with a teapot and photo albums--ughhh... I wanted the gift cards soooo bad.

We left Lorraine's at 8:30pm and headed home. Amanda stayed up the whole time and wanted to open Santa's presents. Abbey woke up for the festivities. We were opening gifts until 10:30pm. Wow--a very long day. Santa was good to us. Thank you-thank you. After Amanda opened the gifts we ofcourse had to play with a few of them. Mike and I went cross-eyed trying to stay awake playing Hannah Montana barbies, lets go fishing, etc. It is exciting so who can blame her.
Merry Christmas-- 2007!

12/24/07--Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve at Aunt Joanne's house. We attended 4pm mass at St. Augustine's which was packed as usual then dinner at JoJo's!

After dinner we watched the video of Amanda's school holiday show performance and opened a few gifts from friends and our cousins in NV.

Thank you Pop Pop for the ice cream cones! Abbey says yummy!

12/22/07--Preparing Christmas Eve Dinner

Carrying on a tradition my brother Peter and his wife Linda started before they moved to NV--making a delicious Christmas Eve dinner. Growing up we always spent Christmas Eve with our Grandma Bruno (my father's mother). We went to St. Mary's Church, Poughkeepsie, NY then usually had take out for dinner. My Nana was too old to cook for all of us. After Nana Bruno passed in 1988--Peter started to make a traditional Italian fish dinner. He also made chicken parm for those members of the family who didn't care for fish. After Peter moved to Henderson, NV in 1997--I picked up the tradition and have been making it ever since.

Today was the first time Mike helped me! Amanda too. I had them egg and bread the cutlets. Great helpers. Amanda was very meticulious making sure they were evenly covered with bread crumbs. The more help the merrier. Mike wasn't too merry though!

12/22/07--Christmas with Grandma and Puck

This evening we celebrated Christmas with Mike's parents. Delicious dinner followed by apple pie--the kids enjoyed the presents best of all! Hannah Montana stuff, nice Umi shoes for Abbey, tea set, princess cd player, etc, etc, etc. Very generous--thank you.
Then we went downstairs to see Nana (age 92) to have her open her present. Nanny is doing great except for her memory and sometimes her speech is gibberish. If I live to her age I only wish I am in her shape!

12/21/07--St. Augustine's Nativity Scene Show

Friday afternoon we drove up to New Paltz to join our cousins in the annual nativity show at St. A's. Last year Abbey was only two months old so she played the part of baby Jesus--but this year she was an angel just like Amanda and cousin Stephanie. This year my sister and Mrs. Butterfield who organize the event desperately needed someone to play Joseph--so who better to ask then my nephew Ryan. That didn't go over too well. So bribery works! My sister had to pay a $25. gift card to game stop for my nephew to play the part of Joseph. Ryan is 11 and too cool to do stuff like that! But he did a great job as did Stephanie, Amanda and Abbey. Alyssa and her friend Jaime did face painting for the kids after the show. The show lasted ruffly an hour and then there snacks and face painting as mentioned previously. It was another event to put us in the holiday spirit.

12/20/07--HCA Christmas Show

This evening Amanda was in her school Christmas Show. Grades pre-k 3 up through the third each sang two songs and each class dressed in different costumes or outfits. Amanda's class was asked to wear holiday pajamas and a santa hat. The third grade closed the show with the nativity scene. What a way to start off the holiday season--so joy filled and festive.

Amanda was a HIT! I realize I am her mother so any mom would say that about their child--but really she stole the show for her class. Amanda was directly in front of the microphone, sang out loudly and proudly, shook her hips, bowed, and really was hysterical! I have attached a small video. So many other parents commented on my little star! No lie at least 20 people said how terrific she was. Hannah Montana watch out!

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

12/19/07--Wacky Wednesday!

Today we were supposed to go to the Goldfinger house for a cookie swap but decided not to go because Desiree was sick a couple days ago with a stomach flu and I really didn't want to chance it being so close to the holidays. We dropped our cookies off though! We were there in spirit. Instead we went to Romparoo to visit Devon and Jess and drop off a couple little token gifts. Then we headed to the park for a little while. After that we stopped at a couple of stores on Washington street before heading to Symposia Bookstore for holiday Christmas caroling with other Hoboken Family Alliance members. Then we walked home in the rain! Totally not prepared with rain cover or anything. It was supposed to rain all day and it hadn't--so I didn't bring one. Oh well....Walking in a winter wonderland..........

12/18/07-- Playdate with friends

Alice and Gigi were nice enough to host Amanda on Sunday afternoon for a few hours so today Amanda hosted them. Dress-up, pizza, coloring books, fight over playdoh, etc. Fun afternoon for the kids although they all seemed tired towards the end and kinda feisty. At least they were occupying each other and that is great for me. Even Abbey dressed up with a tutu on!

12/17/07--Meet the parents!

Today my parents and sister Nancy met me half way (Montvale, NJ) between Hoboken and New Paltz to exchange some items! I needed to send stuff home and they were nice enough to meet me half way to save me from driving all the way home. We all piled in my Dad's car to chit chat for a little while before we each headed home again. It was a good day (she made my day that is for certain)--my Mom knew my name! For all of you who don't know--my mom has alzeheimers. Thanks again, Dad, Mom and Nan!

12/16/07--HCA Breakfast with Santa

Hoboken Catholic Academy hosted breakfast with Santa. The ice storm outside did not deter lots of folks from coming to see the big guy! Although it did prevent Mike from joining us. They had a catered breakfast with all sorts of good stuff--of which my girls only wanted a couple dunkin donut munchkins. forget the eggs, pancakes, etc... They also had a table for the kids to shop for their families. Everything was two dollars and Amanda was able to pick out items for me, daddy, and abbey. Abbey is getting a stuffed snowman. Mike is getting a picture frame adn I am getting an ice scraper! Amanda's friends Dylan was next to her and he picked one out for his mom--so ofcourse--she had to get one for me! Then she bought three things for herself! A girl after my own heart! One for you two for me!

Abbey screamed when it was time to sit on Santa's lap for a photo. Next year will be different-hopefully!

Then Amanda made some crafts, colored and played with her schoolmates.