Tuesday, October 16, 2007

10/15/07---Abbey's Friend B-Day Party

We invited Abbey's and Amanda's friends to Mario's pizza in Hoboken for a small party. Well--it was great--21 kids in a cozy/small back room of the pizza place with Jolly Joe the clown who made balloon animals and hand tatoos (actually he painted them). A giant cake from Shop-Rite, yes-Shop Rite which was delicious. (thank you Sherry for the idea on the cake). I know Amanda and Abbey had a wonderful time. Amanda loved that Devon (her former Romparoo teacher) came too! Mike says birthdays with me are week long events! That is right, esp. when you are a kid.

10/15/07--Happy 1st Birthday Abigail Rose

Today Abbey turned 1 year old. We are so happy and proud of her. Amanda stayed home from school today and Mike took off from work so we can spend the day as a family. We had a little celebration in the morning and then ran errands in the afternoon in preparation for her friend party! Amanda bought her the toy pull around telephone and would hardly give Abbey a chance to play with it! Sharing is hard!

Monday, October 15, 2007

10/12/07--Imagine That! Field trip

Today was Amanda's school field trip to the childrens museum, Imagine That! Her first ride on a school bus. The museum also put on a puppet show about pumpkins and each kid took home a pumpkin. Amanda's favorite part was the craft area where she was able to paint! She painted at least 10 pictures--they were soaking wet with paint so we didn't take any home-but she had fun and loved doing it.

10/9/07--Amanda at Track Practice

Yes, that is right --TRACK practice. Her school competes against schools in Jersey City and other neighboring towns. They offer track for grades pre-3 up thru 2nd grade. They looked so cute out there on the field running after the coach.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

10/14/07--Family party for Abbey's 1st B-Day

Today we had Abbey's first birthday party celebration with the family at the Chart House Restaurant, Weehawken. The day was beautiful--crystal clear outside and the view of Manhattan from the restaurant is exquisite! Everyone raved about the view, the food, etc. It was a brunch buffet with mimosas and all. Abbey seemed to enjoy herself trying all the different yummy foods--although I gave her scrambled eggs for the first time today and she didn't seem to like them. She loved her peas though!

10/13/07--Swap with the Pooleys

Amanda and Abbey spent the evening playing with Alice and Georgia while Mike and I went out for our anniversary dinner! We went to Amanda's Restaurant, Hoboken. Delicious. I had a key lime martini on the rocks--yummy! Amanda kept asking me all day "Who I was going to marry?" Anniversaries, I guess are a hard concept for a 3 yr. old to understand. I was telling her it was like a birthday of the day we got married--but nevertheless--she didn't get it.

10/11/07--Hair Clip Party take two

This evening we had another hair clip making party. Desiree hosted it at her house this time. I made about 12. Really cute and so easy to do. Abbey stayed home with Mike and she gave him a very hard time while Amanda and I went out in the pouring rain!!! Amanda feasted on cupcakes and frosting after skipping her dinner of raviolis and pesto pizza. Photos shown courtesy of Desiree (hope it is okay--I stole them off her blog!)--those are the barrettes she made--but mine are very similar.

10/6/07--Painting Pumpkins

We drove up to see PopPop for his birthday this weekend. His birthday is really 10/10--but not do-able on a Wed. We brought him a little strawberry shortcake--his fav. Pop Pop enjoyed his case of Charles Shaw! He gets a kick that it is only 2.99! 2 buck chuck!!!!--this is his latest kick. While home we painted some pumpkins, went to the playground in New Paltz, went to one of the many farm stands for small sugar pumpkins, and enjoyed the fall foilage! Did I mention it was in the upper 80s!!!!!!