Sunday, March 21, 2010

3/19/10--Bronx Zoo

Some friends from HCA planned a trip to the Bronx Zoo today. It was such a gorgeous day out. We carpooled with Dominic and his Mom. The animals from some exhibits weren't there not sure why--and the kids zoo doesn't open until April. We will have to plan on going back after April next year. All in all a great day.

3/16/10--Hoboken Historical Museum

We went to the HHM today to learn about Hoboken's early days and what was created here: Tootie rolls, Maxwell House coffee, Lipton Tea, home of the first baseball game, and home to Keuffel and Esser early surveyors. The girls learned how the cross hairs on a microscope were made by spider webs. They also were able to use levels, protractors, stencils, etc..

3/16/10--Pre-Mtg. stop at Starbucks

It is Tuesday so that means Daisies! Many of the girls show up early to our mtgs. Starbucks happens to be right next to the museum so we stopped in for a tea and choc. milk and then played on the little sculpture outside for a few minutes before our mtg. started. It was so beautiful out.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

3/14/10-Meet up with the cousins at Pal Mall

We met the cousins for lunch on Sunday at the Cheesecake Factory inside the Palisades Mall then went prom dress shopping with Alyssa and her friend Heidi. The girls loved it!

Saturday, March 13, 2010

3/13/10--Maple Sugaring

Tenafly nature center is where we went today to learn about Maple Sugaring.

3/12/10--Zoe playdate

Amanda was so poorly behaved today it was

truly embarrassing. Luckily the girls made up before Zoe left and I can't believe Zoe actually wants to come back!

3/11/10--Park again before dance class

Each Thurs. Olivia comes with us after school and then i take the girls to jazz class together. Today we went to the park but the girls had to have mini-cupcakes from the sweet shop first!

3/9/10- Teddy Bear Tea Party

The Elysian cafe hosted our Daisy troop for a Teddy Bear Tea Party. The bears/dolls ate french fries and we were also served cookies and hot chocolate. Desiree and Vrinda went over manners while i took those back and forth to the restroom the whole time!! It was a great afternoon.

3/7/10--Nice weather is coming...

It feels great to be back at the park!

3/6/10--Hoboken's St. Patty's Day Parade

The girls walked with Hoboken Dance Academy.

3/6/10--BJ's with Liz/Claire

Early morning field trip to BJ's with Liz and Claire! Great deals. thanks.

3/4/10--Playdate with Olivia and Jack

3/2/10- Sign Language at Girl Scouts

My friend Jenny hooked me up with a sign lang. teacher from her son's school in town. She was excellent! She read a book and taught the girls signs from the books so they can sign along. She did the alphabet and also some other common signs. It was a terrific afternoon.

2/28/10--Broadway benefit for Haiti

Hoboken Dance Academy hosted a benefit today called Broadway Benefits (or something like that). There were actors/actresses from Broadway shows (most from Phantom). They all sang various songs and all the proceeds went to Dr. Muni Tahzib's Love for Haiti trip. They raised over $1,000. at this performance.

2/27/10--GS Cookie Pick-up day!!!!

106 cases in our living room/kitchen. Luckily most families came to pick them up asap!

2/27/10--Jubilee Center

The Jubilee Center of Hoboken hosted a fundraiser. There was indoor mini-golf, cupcake decorating, author readings, dancing,etc... We had a blast and best of all we ran into friends: Alexander and Olivia and Keiran.