Sunday, October 26, 2008

10/25/08--HCA Monster Ball

Hoboken Catholic's annual Halloween party. A fun time was had by all.......

Friends, costumes, dancing, contests, prizes, candy, food, drinks, crafts, photos, etc.... Amanda dressed as Sleeping Beauty and Abbey was Goldilocks and the three bears.

10/24/08--Halloween PJs

Matching Halloween pjs. Aren't they just adorable!!!!!!!!! Abbey loved saying boo--check out her video clip.--sorry it is sideways....

10/20/08--Meet Bella

Bella is our newest friend. I just started babysitting her. She is almost 11 months old. What a happy baby. Amanda and Abbey just adore her.
Bella enjoyed the puppet show too! She crawled right up front.

10/19/09--Cousin Madison's Christening--CT

Cousin Madison was Christened today in CT. Didn't she look beautiful!

10/17/08--Playdate at Katherine's

Today Katherine's Mom invited about 8 kids over after school. It was crazy. She had ordered pizza, had bought cupcakes from the Sweet Shoppe--it was like a mini party. Katherine, Daniel, Michael, Amanda and Abbey, NAtalie O and Amy and Colin, Sophie Tan., and Matthew were all there.

10/14/08--HCA Field trip

Today I escorted Amanda on her field trip to Demerest Farms pumpkin patch. The kids all had a blast running around the field of pumpkins together searching for the perfect pumpkin.

10/13/08--Abbey is officially TWO!

Today we had immediate family (and Claire --I was babysitting her) over for lunch, cake and presents. Happy Birthday princess!

10/12/08--Chuck E Cheese Friend Party

Abbey's friend birthday party at Chuck E Cheese. She LOVES it there and so does Amanda. They have been waiting and waiting for Abbey's party so they can go there and play all the games.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

10/8/08--Class Mom

Amanda's teacher asked me if I would be interested in being a class Mom. I said sure--but what is that? She explained that if we were going to have a party etc. and she needed help--I would help organize it, phone tree, etc.. I said sure. She also said the principal, Mrs. Perry is making the final class mom decisions and would let me know. Well--I received a phone call from the principal and she asked me officially if I wanted to be a class mom! I accepted! Very exciting stuff. That is until they actually ask me to do something---

10/8/08--Fuzzy the Caterpillar

Did I mention we found a caterpillar while ranking the leaves at Aunt Joanne's this past weekend. Stephanie gave us a little bug house to keep him in and made him a nice little house. I named him Fuzzy because the names Amanda came up with just didn't fit. Monday Amanda took him to school and I sent along the book the "Very Hungry Caterpillar." It was a big hit! Ms. Gravina even sent a note home thanking us for sharing our find and the book. Fuzzy is still alive and well even after a day of school and the park. He is feasting on broccoli, grapes, apple, etc. broccoli seemed to be his favorite so far. Mike is jealous (jokingly)--he said I am paying more attention to the caterpillar than him! I just want to make our new little house guest feel welcome!!! Photos to come..........

10/8/08--Playing at the shipyard

After the puppet show today Ethan, his sister Sophia, Matthew, Amanda and Abbey played on the stage at the shipyard.
They have a nice fall harvest display set up there. Great photo opp.

10/8/08--Blessing of the Animals at HCA

Today HCA had their annual blessing of the animals in the courtyard of the school. Ofcourse I brought our cats: Madeline and Slinky.
Pictured above at the podium: Ms. Gravina--Amanda's pre-k 4 teacher.

10/5/08--Apple picking and pumpkin picking again

This time Abbey was awake and cooperating! Cousin Stephanie came with us to the Apple Bin in New Paltz. Hayride and all.......... Thank you F (stephanie) for climbing up some of the trees to get me my golden delicious with a hint of pink/red on them. Those were high up there! I truly appreciate it. Yummy apples.

10/5/08 Leaf pile photos

10/4/08--PopPop's Birthday

PopPop's birthday is the 10th--but we celebrated it a little early this year. Don't you just love him wearing Amanda's tiara! Looking good Bobby!

10/4/08 --Raking leaves at Aunt JoJo's

Went to Highland (next town to New Paltz) to visit my family this weekend. The girls raked some of Aunt Joanne's leaves.

10/3/08--Playdate at Katherine's house

Katherine invited us over today for a playdate. Amanda played out in their back yard on the trampoline, played with playdoh, magic sand, paint, elmers glue, craft confetti, dolls, etc......... Lots of fun.

10/2/08-- Playdate with Olivia K and Gabriella

Olivia K. and Gabby came over for a playdate today.

9/30/08--More track photos.......

Abbey joins right in. She listens better than some of the three and four year olds.
Go HCA!!!!!!