Friday, March 21, 2008

3/20/08--Belvedere's Castle

Cinderella's Castle--no Belvedere's Castle. After the puppet show we walked around Turtle Pond and up to the Castle. It was very windy out today. The girls were too cold to do the playground too.


Today we went to the Swedish Cottage Marionette Theatre in Central Park to see Pippi! I was lucky enough to find a spot on the street--yippee! The show was adorable! Abbey even sat quietly through 80 percent of the show which lasted about an hour and fifteen minutes. Before the show the man came out with a hand puppet and a marionette puppet to show the kids the difference between the two. Amanda made a new friend, Mya from Long Island. They sat with each other and really seemed to hit it off. We are actually going to meet up with them again to play soon.

3/19/08---Tomorrows Children

A month or so ago the girls and I were in Toys R Us on Rte. 4 and came across stuffed Easter bunnies for a PENNY! 18 inch plush, super soft bunnies for a PENNY! I went to the couresty counter and yes--they were a penny--so we bought them all! (18 bunnies in yellow, pink and purple) Our cart was overflowing with bunnies! I didn't know what we would do with them all--but was not going to pass them up. Ofcourse I didn't have my wallet with me (not on purpose) it turned out that the night before Abbey took it out of the diaper bag and Mike put in on the kitchen table--etc. I was in a panic--where is my wallet. I called Mike and luckily the store was able to put it on his credit card ...nothing is ever easy.
I came home and told Mike about my deal and how I wanted to donate them to kids who will appreciate them. He mentioned the kids cancer center at Hackensack Medical Center. I said that is great. We arranged a meeting with Kathy Ambrose, Administrative Director and gave her the bunnies to give to the kids battling the disease.
I let Amanda and Abbey keep one bunny any color of their choice--which ofcourse they chose pink. So we donated 17 bunnies to the Tomorrows Children's Fund at HMC.
I am trying to educate Amanda about giving to others and how there are kids that are really sick
in this world and how lucky she and Abbey are. I don't stress it too much but want to get the underlying message to her. I don't know how much of it she absorbs--but hopefully something.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

3/18/08--Cooking Cousins

Today Amanda came home from school half day since cousin Steph is in town! They made cinnamon rolls together (with my help ofcourse). Amanda was thrilled that I let her use a sharp knife. She was very careful and did a superb job. Yummy!

3/17/08--Stephanie teaching Amanda's class

Cousin Stephanie (almost 9) is visiting this week. She assisted Miss Michelle, Amanda's Ballet instructor teach the class today. Steph has been taking ballet/dance classes for about six years now and is a great dancer. Steph did a terrific job-- all the girls seemed focused today. I think Miss Michelle needs an assistant to help keep them all on track. They are only 3-4 yr. olds and are easily distracted. Thanks Steph for helping--I know Amanda's LOVED having you there!

3/16/08--After the play

Play, Pizza, park, Yolato, and Path.

{for those readers that don't know--The Path is the train/subway that connects NJ/NY.}

3/16/08--The Velveteen Rabbit

Today we went to see a play based on the book, "The Velveteen Rabbit." It was a great performance and truly captivated Amanda's and my attention for the whole show. Amanda loved the little girl-Samantha in the show (so we took a photo with her!) Before the show they had about 40 min. workshop where each kid was able to make their own bunny ears and bowtie as well as a bunny face to hand on the stage and later take home. each childs bunny was so unique and different. Later on we went for pizza, played at washington park, and then ended the day with a frozen yogurt/gelato.

3/14/08--Spring Fling Dance

Ran into Desiree and Donna at the park and they reminded me about the Spring Fling Dance sponsored by the Hopes Head Start school. We decided to go. My girls didn't dance that much but Amanda loved the arts and crafts offered and used practically the whole box of small colored fuzz balls. They are now falling off the art project and being scattered about my house! Abbey had fun too--she loved the balloons, the glow sticks and art too. We saw Daisy (her brother Ace) who used to attend Romparoo with Amanda as well as Addison.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

3/7/08--Field Trip to Edgewater

Today we went to Trader Joe's and Whole Foods with Jenny and Dorian and Brenda and Gwen.

Great way to have a sorta playdate yet accomplish an errand at the same time!

pictured l-r: Gwen (10 mo.), Dorian (13 mo.) and Abbey (16 mo.)

3/6/08-- Sisters playing together!

It is great that Amanda and Abbey can actually play together now. This summer is sure to be fun! Abbey can hold her own--she is a toughy. Most second kids have to be! Also pictured are some of the girls friends.

3/5/08--At the Vet's office!

Amanda helped me take Madeline and Slinky for their annual check-up at the vet. Madeline is going to be 14 this year and weighs 8.2 pounds. Slinky is going to be 8 this year and is 13 pounds. Amanda was so scared for them because they had to get SHOTS! Thankfully they are both well and hopefully will stay that way for a long time.

3/4/08--Abbey and friends at the park

Went to the park with two of Abbey's friends: Julie and Estella. I part-time babysit both of them. Julie and Estella are both 10 months old. Abbey is almost 17 months.

Monday, March 3, 2008

3/3/08--Easter Bunny

We went shopping for Easter dresses today and got to see the Easter bunny too. Abbey was terrified and even Amanda kept her distance but wanted to see him. The girls favorite part of the day was the carousel ride.

3/1/08--St. Patty's Day in Hoboken

St. Patty's day in Hoboken is a big deal if you are in college! Kids come here to do the famous bar crawl and let me tell you it is CRAZY! There are people in green everywhere and mostly drunk. Bars open at 11am and people line up way before. There is also the annual parade. Amanda's teacher, Mrs. Foley was going to be in the parade this year so we had to go see her. We missed her in the actual parade but ran into her afterwards along with her classmate-Sophia. Mrs. Foley was voted Irishwoman of the year 2004! The national anthem was sung by an American Idol contestant that was from Hoboken. I am not an Idol watcher--do I never saw her before--but she sounded good. Abbey's favorite party of the parade was the doggies that marched! She went bonkers for them!

3/1/08--Alice turns 4!

Alice Pooley turned 4 and had a wonderful Princess Tea Party. It was adorable! Tiered plates, tea cups, all the princesses looked fabulous! I know they all had a good time. It was perfect princess party! They sang, played freeze dance, and Amanda's favorite game--duck duck goose!

2/28/08-- Indoor Mini Golf in Hoboken

20 degrees outside---what to do with a toddler? Hoboken offers indoor min-golf! $3. per kid and an afternoon of fun running around, walking on the edges of the course like a balance beam, smashing rocks with a golf club, dumping golf balls down the hole with the incline and picking them up again, and oh--a little mini-golf!