Friday, April 9, 2010

4/3/10- Easter Vigil

3/31/10-4/3/10--The girls at their cousins house

They helped decorate Aunt JoJo's house for Easter, bake pies, plant flowers, went to the playground, walked on the river walkway, drove on the Razor buggy, colored eggs, watched HS Musical, Amanda went to the golf driving range with Pop-pop. They had a good time.


Cousins visit and we had lunch at Johnny Rockets then went to Carlos's Bakery. Stephanie's friend Gianna came too.

3/30/10--Daisy Egg comparison day

We compared the following eggs: chicken, duck, emu, caviar, quail, and cadbury creme eggs.

The girls (surprising to me) even tasted them. I cooked the emu egg for 25-30 minutes. it is that big! My frig. smelled so bad while the eggs were housed in there. Not good when you have a sensitive nose. We decorated chicken eggs for the local shelter in town.

3/29/10--Coloring Easter Eggs

I think Abbey unintentionally dropped each egg on the table and cracked them. Ahh good times.

3/28/10--The Durkins visit

It was great to catch up with old friends.

3/27/10--Three Egg Hunts

1. Hoboken Catholic

2. Hoboken Family Alliance

3. Helping Hands for Autism

They were all good but the last one was the best!!! You had to have tickets to attend it. They were very generous.

3/23/10--Kickboxing with Daisies

The girls had a lot of fun learning all the moves and running around. The water fountain was a big hit!

3/22/10--My Birthday

Okay it is official...I am 36 ughhh.....I am closer to 40 then 30. That is scary. I have not been looking forward to this number. I know, I know it is just a number---but....

The kids were so excited for me and that will always keep me young!