Sunday, January 31, 2010

2/1/10--Amanda's kindergarten photos

HCA photos taken in Sept.
Amanda is sitting in the middle row second in from right next to Mrs. Leeds

2/1/10--Abbey Pre-K 3

Class photo and school picture. Such a happy camper!!! In the class photo she is sitting middle row on the left next to her teacher, Mrs. Foley.
Photos taken in Sept. 2009.

1/31/10--Abbey's comment

We were getting ready to go to mass today and I asked Abbey where MeMe is? She said, In the sky on the moon--with Santa!" I said what about in Heaven with Jesus? She said, "No-on the moon with Santa!" It was so funny!

1/31/10---I miss my Mom!

Today is the second anniversary of my Mom's passing. God two years have gone by too fast. Although it sometimes feels like yesterday. I know she is in a better place now and that is comforting but it doesn't replace having her here on earth with us. I need her so much at times it is painful. The jealousy I have for those of my friends that have their parents here on earth is not something I am proud of. It is just something I have to work on and accept. I keep my mother alive in not only my life but in my daughter's lives by always including her in our bedtime prayers and remembering all her special favorites: desserts, peanut butter ice cream, lemon anything (my mom loved desserts) the color blue and rose, hugs and kisses, anythings to do with children, (she would be so so proud of my girls!) anytime I burn something I think of her too--we got a kick out of that, browsing in stores with my girls brings back tons of memories of walking around for hours with my mom just talking. I can go on for pages and pages but I have to blow my nose and wipe my i will stop for now. Mom-I miss you. Love you first, love you second!

1/27/10--CRAZY day

Today was not a good day at all. Amanda woke up at 5am throwing up on the bathroom floor. Only inches away from the toilet....errrhhh....but I can't blame her she was sick. Stomach bug.
Then later on that at at 2:25pm while downstairs in our garage-Daisy our cocker spaniel had a seizure. First one ever it was so scary. Two neighbors were in the garage at the time and one helped me by carrying Daisy to the vet. They gave her a shot and she was fine and has been fine after that. The next day I took her to a specialist at Oradell An. Hospital and her blood work came back fine. If she has another they suggest her seeing a neurologist. Hopefully it won't happen again. Scary stuff, but if it does I have a shot to give her (up her bum! yikes) What an ordeal my little puppy went through. Thanks to my two neighbors for helping out that day. One taking me/daisy to the vets and staying with me for support and my other neighbor for picking up Abbey (since Mike didn't answer the phone..and I kept calling and calling and calling!)

1/30/10--Grandma's Birthday

Today was Mike's Mom's birthday. We celebrated with immediate family at their home. The kids were so excited to see their cousins, AJ and Madison. The kids never eat at family celebrations and usually come home starving.

They are too busy playing. This was the case yesterday as well!

1/29/10--picture people

After school I ran the girls to Paramus to have their photos taken. I signed up for the picture people club which entitles us to some free stuff within that year. I haven't used it at all and it expires on 2/4/10. So I better hop to it. I was so excited to use the specials now being offered for an 8x10 and 12 valentines card for 12 dollars. I ended up paying 2.14 cents for 2 eight by tens and 12 val. cards!!! I was so excited I took the girls the next day too. That explains the two outfits!

1/26/10-- Making sandwiches for the Homeless

Today at our Daisy troop mtg. the girls made sandwiches to donate to the homeless shelter. The girls made a total of 59 sandwiches each with a face made of veggies on it. They had a BLAST making the sandwiches and even better--they are for a good cause.

1/25/10- HCA Reunion

Tonight we had dinner with Amanda's former HCA classmates: Katherine and Matthew at Johnny Rockets. She misses both of them because they transferred out to different schools. At least we still keep in touch. She really enjoyed seeing both of them and Mike and I enjoyed catching up with their parents too.

1/23/10--Movie night at the Rue School

The father's association at the Rue school offered a family movie night featuring, "Toy Story."

The kids got to play, watch a movie and eat pizza, juice and snacks. They both enjoyed it a lot.
They enjoyed playing with Claire and Renee most of all.

1/23/10--"Sue" The T-Rex

"Sue" the most complete T-Rex is currently at the Liberty Science Center. She (although it could be a he--scientist can't really tell because they don't have enough din. specimens to compare against one another) is named after the paleontologist who found her remains in S. Dakota back in 1990-Sue Hendrickson.

The girls liked the dinosaur but enjoyed playing with a bubble maker in the next room over and ofcourse their favorite--the rice table.

1/22/10--Spencer over

Spencer came over tonight while the Daddies went to see Avatar. The girls were so excited to play with him. He enjoyed it too and loved roller skating.

1/21/10--Warmer weather

The warmer weather brings everyone outside and back to the parks. Today Olivia was over and got to enjoy it as well.

1/17/10--Roller Princess

Amanda got roller skates for Christmas from Santa and has been practicing!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

12/24/09--Santa and the Tooth Fairy

I forgot to mention that on Christmas Eve Amanda lost her fourth bottom tooth! That meant Santa AND the Tooth Fairy were coming the same night! This is exciting stuff! The tooth fairy left her $5.00 Amanda's two big teeth are coming in nicely on the bottom.

1/19/10--Abbey's words

There are a few words that Abbey used to say incorrectly: Hot and darling.

She say hot ---hock (sounds like sock with an h)
and darling---darlic (sounds like garlic with a d)

Occasionally she will flub up and say them the old way or will do it to get me to look and then give me a devilish smile!

Hello everybody yes indeed yes indeed yes indeed, hello everybody yes indeed yes indeed my darlic!!! song from school

Monday, January 18, 2010

1/16--Aunt JoJo's house

We went to visit Pop-pop, Aunt Nancy, Aunt Joanne and the cousins overnight. We also joined them watching another dance studio perform at the high school I attended. It was called a dance and dessert fundraiser. The girls had fun and were mesmerized by some of the great dance numbers. Cousin Ryan had friends sleepover so the girls had fun playing with his friends. The next morning we went to the church pancake breakfast. We headed home early because of forecasted bad weather. It was a nice (albeit short) visit.

1/12/10--Daisy Scouts Visit the Ambulance Corp.

Today we took the Daisies to the Hoboken Volunteer Ambulance Corp. They all sat in an ambulance and were taught about safety, first aid and the use of 911.

1/15/10--Filling in..

Today I helped out at the Friday Daisy troop mtg. Valerie is in Hawii--lucky lady. We played a game and then did circle time, had a snack and made paper flowers.

1/13/10--Creative Groove

Today the girls took a trial class at the Creative Groove Studio. It was a dance class to the music of the Backyardigans. It was really adorable and the girls loved it. I will have to see if Abbey prefers that class or Miss Michelle's???

1/11/10--Mandarin Chinese class

Today the girls took a trial Mandarin Chinese class. They both enjoyed it but for now Amanda is signed up for Jazz class and we can't do too many afterschool activities. The girls learned: hat is (I am spelling phonetically)--Matza, mitten: show-ta and scarf is: waiting. Nia Ho!!!


We drove Alice with us today to the Girl Scout trip. After the outing the girls were hungry so we went to the Friendly restaurant in Tenafly. The girls had a blast.

1/10/10--Tenafly Nature Center

Today the Daisy scouts earned their green petal: use resources wisely. We went for a walk in the woods and even over a snow and ice covered bridge with no rails on the sides. I thought for sure one girl was going to fall in. Thankfully i was wrong! We saw the foot prints of the following animals in the snow: rabbit, squirrel, fox, and deer.
The girls each made a pendant out of a bottle cap.


Went to a friends house this evening to watch the Jets game. The kids entertained themselves for hours and the adults got to chill and relax! Then Lori had the kids make smores in their fireplace. What a treat.