Thursday, December 27, 2007

12/25/07--CHRISTMAS DAY!!!!

Christmas Day 2007! We had a hectic morning at MeMe and Pop Pops. First thing in the morning the girls came down stairs and each opened a present from Santa. Santa left a note saying that the rest of the gifts were at our home in Hoboken for when we return home.
Then we went over to Aunt Joanne's house for breakfast and presents. MeMe wasn't feeling well so she and Pop pop didn't make it over to Joanne's today. We were sad about that--but went back later to see them and share our gifts with them.

In the afternoon we headed to Emerson, NJ to Mike's cousin Lorraine's house. Amanda loves playing with Ryan (6 yrs) and Kayleigh (just turned 3). Cousin AJ (1.5 yrs) was there too. The cousins all had a good time playing together. Too much delicious food! Poor Robyn--she had her desserts on the deck to stay cool and noticed a squirrel feasting on her homemade cheesecake, pound cake, etc. Secret Santa was good although Mike and I ended up leaving with a teapot and photo albums--ughhh... I wanted the gift cards soooo bad.

We left Lorraine's at 8:30pm and headed home. Amanda stayed up the whole time and wanted to open Santa's presents. Abbey woke up for the festivities. We were opening gifts until 10:30pm. Wow--a very long day. Santa was good to us. Thank you-thank you. After Amanda opened the gifts we ofcourse had to play with a few of them. Mike and I went cross-eyed trying to stay awake playing Hannah Montana barbies, lets go fishing, etc. It is exciting so who can blame her.
Merry Christmas-- 2007!

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