Monday, February 15, 2010

2/14/10-Happy Valentine's Day!

Went swimming in the morning at the Skyclub. (no photos since we were all wet and I left the camera in the locker room)
That evening
we took the girls to see Sesame Street Live at Madison Sq. Garden. I won the tickets from Time Out NY kids. It was a nice Valentine's day treat. The girls don't really watch Sesame St. anymore--but it is always fun to go to a show. Then we went to dinner at Lindy's across the street at the Hotel Penn. The Westminster dog show was in town so the kids loved seeing dogs all over the city.

2/13/10--Olivia's Bowling party

We went to Wallington Lanes for the party. It was great. Big and open, clean and bright. A really nice bowling alley. The kids had a blast.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

2/10-2/11/10--Snow Days!

Two snow days in a row. We made a snowman and snow angels. We also shoveled because we like to not because we have to. The management co. does it...but we had fun doing it anyway. The snow was so pretty coming down. We had about 12-14 inches--now it just makes everything messy and ugly looking. We went to a friends house today with lots of other friends. The kids had a blast. I enjoyed it because it kept my girls busy while i can catch up with the other Moms.

2/9/10--Valentine's party with Daisy scouts

We had a pizza, cookie decorating party today. There were plenty of crafts the girls could work on too. The hour flew by. Each girl left with a mylar red heart balloon. It was a ton of fun. The girls were able to take some cookies home for their families and the rest we donated to the homeless shelter here in town.

2/7/10--Flat Rock Brook

Daisy scouts went to Flat Rock Brook, Englewood today. Abbey had the runs so i had to stay home with her and Desiree took Amanda. They had a great time learning about recycling and going on a nature walk. Amanda loved riding backwards in Desiree's volvo!!!

2/6/10--Amanda at a party

Sophie and Grace's b-day party held at the Creative Groove studio. A drop-off party!!! yeah!!

2/6/10--Cabin Fever Festival

Hoboken Family Alliance held its annual Cabin Fever party today at the Monroe Center. It was horribly crowed and the space was not large enough. The girls got to do a craft and had their face painted (the line took forever) We saw lots of friends. I hope next year it is back at the Elks lodge. Shown in the photo with Devon from Romparoo. Their first ever teacher whom they both adore!!!


Amanda was home with the stomach virus the previous week and now high fever. Abbey with vomitting and the runs. I washed the whole house down (literally on my hands and knees scrubbing the floor,doors, all handles, remotes, phones, bathrooms,etc. Then at around 3am.....I woke Mike up and said I was sick. It was bad--horribly bad. Mike too started shortly after me. We were non-stop for hours.
I called a friend to take them to school. Thank God! There is no way I could have done it. Lucky for me and Mike the girls only had a half day-talk about bad timing. Another friend took them home and offered to watch them but couldn't pick them up until 3:30pm. Now am i going to entertain them for 3 hours. Feed them lunch,etc.. all while being sick. Our kids just don't get that Mommy and Daddy are sick...really sick and can't attend to their needs. Times like these (and many other times too) when I wish my family was closer. They would have been right over to attend to the kids. Take them to lunch, library, anywhere to give me and Mike a break. My friend came back at 3:30pm bringing ginger ale and ice pops for us!!! We were so grateful! She kept the girls until 9:30pm. By that time we were still tired but at least we slept while they were gone. By the next morning I was much better...not 100% but better. Mike needed more that is what he did. Sleep was about the only thing we could do while under attack from the awful awful virus. Thank you Filomena and family for helping us during this God awful time.

2/2/10--Yoga at Daisy Scouts

My friend Lisa from the Skyclub is a yoga instructor who agreed to come to do a short demo for our Daisy scouts. The girls had a blast doing all kind of animal poses! It was a great Daisy meeting. On top of the yoga--cookie sales are over!!! Paid for and we just have to wait for the cookies to arrive at the end of the month!