Saturday, July 31, 2010

7/8/10--Magic Kingdom

We spent our first full vacation day at (my favorite) The Magic Kingdom! Had lunch with Pooh and friends at the Crystal Palace. Went on nearly every kiddie ride. Saw parade in the afternoon and the Electrical Light Parade at night too. The girls did the poses on their own.

7/7/10--Hollywood Studios

Hollywood Studios was open late this evening so we decided to go there first.

The Little Mermaid Show

Playhouse Disney Dance Party

Great movie history ride (girls were so scared)

7/7/10--Disney Vacation

Hotel: Disney's All Star Movies Resort

7/7/10--Girls first Airplane ride

US Air to Charlotte then onto Orlando! House of the Mouse!!!!!!!!! VACATION!

7/4/10--Party at friends house

Party at friends house who live on the waterfront then down to the Maxwell place lawn for a front row view. Fun time. Great show. Poor Daisy home probably scared to death. The poor dog shakes when she hears fireworks.

6/27/10--Pretty spot for some photos

I noticed this spot up in Englewood Cliffs--I stopped and made the girls take some pictures.

6/26/10--Daisy Hike and Campfire

We went to the Tenafly Nature Center for an end of the year hike and campfire including SMORES!!! It was a lot of fun. The girls loved looking for frogs in the pond, birds, learning about poison ivy and what to watch out for. We then had a picnic dinner followed by bldg. a campfire and roasting marshmellows for smores.

6/20/10--Happy Father's Day

We went to visit Poppop in the morning. Abbey wore bunny ears and sang a song on the guitar for us. Later the girls swam at Aunt Jojo's house. Then went to Mike's Aunt's house in the afternoon for a bbq.

6/19/10--Swimming at Grandma and Puck's

The girls love swimming and love going to Mike's parents pool. Daisy too!

6/19/10-Cousin's Dance recital

Alyssa and Stephanie had part of their dance recital tonight. The girls really enjoyed watching it, esp. Abbey. It was a lot of fun! We got to hang out with Pop-pop and Aunt Nancy and cousin ryan while watching

the show. They loved playing with their balloons and mini-program flashlights.