Tuesday, May 26, 2009

5/19/09--American Girl Place

After school today we took Amanda to the city for a tonsil recheck. Everything looks great! We then ran into American Girl Place to get Amanda her long awaited birthday present--an American Girl doll. She has wanted one for a very very long time thanks to cousin Stephanie who introduced them to her!!!! We bought a look a like doll. We bought it today because we didn't want to rush buying one before dinner at the store on Sat. night (incase we hit traffic, etc.) Then she could play with it before we take the doll to dinner!!! She is so happy with her doll. She named Samantha then switched to Mia and now back to Samantha!!!!

5/17/09--Amanda and Sophia's B-day party

Kidz Village, Kenilworth, NJ is where we had Amanda's friend birthday party this year. There were 38 kids between Sophia and Amanda. We invited their whole class from school plus our other close friends. They had a blast and no one wanted to leave.

5/16/09--Ferrets at Petco

Today Amanda and I ran into Petco to pick up a few things. We must have watched the ferrets playing in the cage for a good 15-20 minutes. They were quite entertaining! Funny playful creatures. Needlesstosay--Amanda wants one. I said if we want to live with Daddy---we can't get one. Daddy would kick us out of the house!!!!

5/15/09--Carriage House

House we are looking thoroughly at in Hoboken. Fingers crossed. We have not put a bid in yet--because we are doing some background research on the house, etc. before we go in with an offer. I love the house!!!!

5/13/09--Abbey's funny face

Abbey loves saying, "No, please."

She is our funny little fire cracker!!!!

5/13/09--At the park

Just playing with friends, l-r: Olivia, Claire, Amanda and Isabella. Olivia and Isabella are sisters. Nice face Amanda :)

5/13/09-- Staten Island Zoo Field Trip with HCA

Today we went to the Staten Island Zoo. The kids had fun running all around and seeing all the animals. Amanda took her first ever pony ride!!!! Notice the beautiful peacock with its feathers all showing.

5/12/09--Author Jane Lovascio speaks at HCA

I organized and arranged for author, Jane Lovascio, Casey and Bella Go to New York and Casey and Bella Go to Hollywood to do a presentation at Hoboken Catholic today. It went really well and the kids truly enjoyed it. They loved seeing photos of the real Casey and Bella dogs playing.

5/11/09-- Daisy

Here are shots of everyone loving Daisy! She squeezed into Madeline's (cat) princess bed. We love our dog!!!! We love our cats too!!!

Monday, May 11, 2009

5/10/09--Happy Mother's Day

Went to the park with the kids and cousins after morning mass. Then went to Van Saun park. I received the best bouquet of flowers ever--dandelions!!! I remember picking them and giving them to my Mom too. It was a great treat to find a violet and put that in the mix too. It brought back many happy memories! Amanda and Abbs (esp manda) took great pride in picking as many dandelions as she could get for me. Thank you girls so much for a great mother's day! After the park we had dinner (celebrate mothers day and mikes b-day) with Grandma/Grandpa Tennaro at Cafe Italiano in Fort Lee. (we wouldn't go back--the staff was not friendly) It was a nice time though. Rosie aka Mom--I miss you--I can't believe this is my second Mother's Day without you. I carry you in my heart always and Amanda and I talk about you almost daily. I must stop writing now--tears are falling.

5/9-5/10 Aunt Jojo and cousins in town

Aunt Joanne, cousin Ryan and Stephanie came for an overnight visit. Amanda loved taking them to the park to show them her stomping ground. we went to the black bear rest. It was fun catching up in person rather than just on the phone and email. Amadna and Abbey must have asked me at least 20 times when are they coming. What is taking them so long. Alyssa--we missed you. Feel better.

5/9/09--high steppers

we bought these at the Elysian Charter school garage sale today held around the perimeter of the park. They cost a quarter!!!!! I used to have these when I was younger! Remember the show Romparoom---they had them too. I believe mine were green with a purple string though. **Please note Amanda's Wubb girls t-shirt. I made it. I printed it on transfer paper and ironed it on a t-shirt---very easy!!!! It was Wubbsy week on noggin last week.

5/8/09--playdate with Katherine

playdate with Katherine at the park.

5/7/09--Mike's Birthday

Mike turned 38 today. We went to dinner at Hoboken Bar and Grill then had seven layer cake for dessert.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

5/3/09--Hob. Arts and Music Fest.

It was a horrible rainy day out for the spring arts and music festival. I ventured out for a bit with the girls when it was only drizzling out--but then it starting coming down steady so we cut it very short. Amanda and Abbey got their hair done from one of the vendors who does "girly" birthday parties.

5/3/09--Amelia and Matthew's birthday party

Amelia and Matthew shared their birthday party today at the Little Gym in Hasbrouck Heights. It was a horrible rainy day outside so it was the perfect place for the kids to run and play with their friends. Sandwiches from Vito's and cupcakes from the Sweet Shoppe! Yum! The kids liked their pizza too.

Monday, May 4, 2009

5/2/09--Amanda at Amanda's

Amanda took an etiquette class today at Amanda's restaurant here in Hoboken. I won this at the Hoboken Family Alliance Cabin Fever Festival. She was def. the youngest there. It was supposed to be for 6-10 yr. olds. I told the lady in charge she was 5. She came up to me that day and complimented me on how well behaved she is being for her age. I then opened my big mouth and told her that she is actually 4--and won't be five until the end of the month. She said --you lied--shhh.. I won't tell. I guess I had a guilty conscience. It was adorable. There were kids picking their noses, and they really do say the darndest things. Hopefully they will be having more classes like this--it was a huge success. Amanda will tell you it was boring!!! I am proud of her for eating her bread, alphabet soup, and her chicken (on a bone--she even tried to cut it the right way but needed help) She didn't like the choc. mousse for dessert---not sure why. and she refused to even try the asparagus. errrhhh. why wont' the child eat veggies besides broccoli cooked in garlic and oil? The last photo Amanda's smile/pose reminds me of my Mom. Everytime i look at it.