Monday, September 22, 2008

9/22/08-- Playdate at Sophie Tan's House

We went to Sophie's house today after track practice. Amanda has two Sophie's in her class and both Sophie's last names start with the letter T! There is Sophie Tannuzzo and Sophie Tully. Reason being why we always attach a last name to reference which Sophie we are talking about.

9/22/08 Abbey's new trick

This is Abbey's new trick. Amanda doesn't like to do it (she is a scaredy cat) so she must have seen other kids do it at the park. Our little daredevil!!!!!!!

9/22/08 --HCA's 1st 2008 Fall Track practice

It was so entertaining to watch the girls run back and forth with so many of Amanda's classmates. You have to watch the video! Abbey is right in there with the other kids most of which are twice her age. Michael's little brother, Mason and Ethan's little sister Sophia also ran. They were all so adorable. Amanda and Abbey both crashed tonight! I love track season!!!!!

9/19/08--Spaghetti Dinner Block Park

9/18/08--Monroe St. Movement Center Class

Abbey is taking her first class at Monroe st. It is a Mommy and me class (Amanda and I used to take this class all the time). Abbey loved the obstacle course.

9/17/08--Park with classmates

Catherine, Ethan, Sophie Tan., etc.. were all playing together at the park. A big Thank you to Catherine's Mom for the ice cream.

9/16/08--Ankle Soup book signing

Went to the launch and book signing of the book, Ankle Soup. The illustrator lives in Hoboken. Carlos the dog was there too!

9/13/08 Amanda's Ballet Class

This year Amanda is taking ballet class on Sat. mornings rather then during the week after school. Last year she was so tired on some days after school that it was like pulling teeth to get her to dance--so we are trying a different strategy. So far so good. Miss Laurie was her teacher today but Miss Shelly is going to be her official teacher (not sure if I like her yet--she is very dry) will have to talk to Miss Michelle about it. Attached are photos of Amanda's first day of class with Miss Laurie.

9/12/08--Rainy Days........

The girls were bored after school because it was raining outside--so we headed to McDonald's playland--that killed a few hours. Next time I need to bring something to read. We weren't the only ones with the same idea. The kids had fun climbing etc. and then they all played duck duck goose--but had more fun chasing the one boy around the room.

9/10/08--Happy Birthday Mom/MeMe

Today was my Mom's birthday. God--we all miss you so much.
I asked Amanda what she wanted to do for Meme's birthday and she said she wanted to put frosting on her "rock" (tombstone) and put a candle on it too. Mike said--yeah just set it on fire--that is just what we need. It was sooo funny. My Mom I know would have gotten a kick out of it. We sang happy birthday for you and had a piece of cake in your honor.

9/9/08 Ballerina Abigail Rose

Abbey started taking ballet class today. All the little girls looked so beautiful! Her friend Megan is in the class also. Abbey was being shy for most of the class--but absolutely loved jumping on the bean bags!

9/5/08 Apple Picking

Apple picking at Wilklow Orchards, Highland, NY with cousin Ryan. The apples were delicious. Abbey was tired and didn't want to help us. That is okay--I know we will go again.

9/5/08--Last outdoor swim for the season

The girls enjoyed their last outdoor swim at Aunt Joanne's house today. They will just have to settle for the indoor heated pool at the Skyclub (oh poor babies--they have it soo rough).

After swimming they enjoyed bouncing on the trampoline with Ryan.
Then we went to Madeline's Dance Studio to watch Alyssa and Steph perform.

9/4/08--Amanda's First Day of School --PreK 4

Today was Amanda's first day of pre-k 4 at Hoboken Catholic Academy. Ms. Gravina is her teacher and Miss Theresa is the Assistant. No tears at all. She was so excited to see all her friends. We are so very proud of her!

9/3/08---Picture People

Got an email from the picture people for a free 8x10--so why not. We were heading to Paramus anyway.

9/1/08--Future Mommies!!!

Two future Mommies! Love the one with Abbey in my sunglasses (she has them on upsidedown). How Posh!!!!

8/31/08--Labor Day party

The Pooley's hosted a Labor Day party at their house. The girls had a really good time dressing up like princesses, playing with all of their girls' toys and eating! Mike and I actually were able to socialize without having to worry about them. It was truly enjoyable.