Sunday, June 13, 2010

6/12/10--Amanda's Dance Recital

Amanda's Jazz recital! I would love to say it was an enjoyable afternoon--but unfortunately it was too crowded and extremely hot in there. Abbey slept the whole time. Amanda did really well. We are very proud of her. She loved her dozen red roses we gave her after.

6/5/10--HCA 1st Annual 5k Run

more to follow.......

6/10/10--Sinatra Idol Contest

Rainy start followed by a huge rainbow (double rainbow too--but doesn't show up) The show did take place! People came from all over to participate. One contestant even was from Italy.

6/8/10--Daisy Yearbooks

Desiree and I split up the work and each made a handful of pages of what we did over the past few months as Daisy Scouts. The last page was a Friends page--for each girl to go around and sign the other girls book. What a hit and also a great keepsake.

6/7/10-Abbey's performance/moving up

6/7/10-- Last day of school --Moving up Ceremony!

Amanda was in the early show (9am) and Abbey performed in the 11am show. They each sang songs on stage with their class. It was a great way to end the school year.

6/6/10--OLG Funfest

We attended Our Lady of Grace's funfest this morning before a midday birthday party. The girls rode on ponies (I have to find the photos) played games, enjoyed music of Kimmy Schwimmy, and saw lots of friends.

6/2/10--Water park fun

Playing with our neighbor Samantha and we also ran into Abbey's classmate, Oscar.

6/1/10--Author visits Daisies

Author Darren Farrel came to Daisy Scouts to read his book, "Doug-Dennis and the Flying Fib." The girls really enjoyed it. It helped them learn about being honest and fair (light blue Daisy petal).

5/30/10--Memorial Day BBQ

The Pooley's hosted another great bbq. The tire swing and bounce house were a blast for the kids.

5/26/10--Memorial Day Parade

The Daisy Scouts marched in Hoboken's Memorial Day Parade this evening. It was in the mid 80 and humid even in the evening when we marched. The girls were melting but truly enjoyed marching and esp. handing out mini American flags to the parade watchers!

5/25/10--Amanda is 6 today!

Last night we made cupcakes for school and for Daisy scouts in honor of Amanda's 6th Birthday! Amanda brought frisbees to school with stickers for each of her classmates to decorate and keep. It was a fun day! Daddy is in Chicago so after Daisies we took a ride to the airport to pick him up. We will celebrate with family another day!

5/22/10--Amanda and Sophie's Birthday Party

Amanda and Sophia shared their birthday party again this year! They had a pool party at the Skyclub. The girls all swam for an hour and then we had the party room for an hour. We did a fish shaped pinata and we gave out beta fish to each girl. The beta's were a HUGE hit!