Thursday, July 26, 2007

7/25/07----St. Ann's Festival Again

New trainees, Claire and Renee Goldfinger! We start them young here at Crafts By Cat and Make Wine with Us! Never too small to hand out pamplets and business cards!

7/25/07-----Corks arrive

We had over 120,000 corks delivered yesterday. What a nightmare! They were supposed to be boxes in smaller 50lb. boxes. That meant about 25 --50lb. boxes. We were all set to have them delivered to the storage unit. Okay--so the truck arrives at the storage room--but is too big to fit under the loading dock. So he opens the back of the truck so we can take out the boxes--well to my SHOCK the cork company didn't box my corks. They just shipped us this giagantic crate filled with corks. It was overflowing on the top of the box with about 12 plactic garbage bags shrink wrapped around it too. What the heck was I going to do with this? The delivery man was nice enough to follow me to my house and bring them into my garage (with the help of a man I flagged down off the street and paid $50. to help the delivery man. I mean this was huge. The delivery man said we really needed a fork lift!). That is where I spent 6 hours of my day scooping corks out of the large bin putting them in garbage bags. Then carting them back to the storage room! So glad that is done! Notice--Posh Spice aka Amanda Michelle in the photo munching on cheerios! The girls were really good at helping me. Not the ideal way for them to spend their day!

7/24/07-----Storytime in the park

The library reads stories in the park every Tuesday morning. We met up with Alice, Georgia, Emma, Zachary, Alexander, Olivia, Kayleigh, etc....

7/20/07--St. Ann's Festival

Crafts By Cat table at the St. Ann's Festival. This is our third year doing this.

7/17/07----Mother Goose at the Shipyard

Family night at the Shipyard. Mother Goose was doing a sing-a-long.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

7/18/07----Chef Amanda

Today it was raining outside so we couldn't go to the park so instead we decided to make brownies! Chef Amanda was hard at work!

7/16/07-----Art in the Park

Every Monday and Wed. Hoboken has "Art in the Park." It is a free activity where the kids can create different projects and then participate in yoga too. Our neighbor Donna taught yoga this week. Her daughter, Natalie (Amanda's friend) was to the right of Donna. Amanda was mad at me for not bringing a towel or blanket for her, but I completely forgot. Ooops.

7/14/07---Doug's Birthday Party

Doug Snyder (Andrew's daddy) birthday party/bbq. Andrew and Amanda were born on the same day! The kids were being bartenders and decided to take over the music too! We start them young here in Hoboken!

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

7/14/07---Kaylie's 3rd Birthday Party

Circus themed! Face painting! Ball toss! Jumpy house! Lots of fun on a Sat. morning.

7/14/07------Girls having fun!

Amanda decided to drag her sister around the house using a jump rope! I don't condone this behavior--but the little one (Abbey) was holding on to the rope tight and sliding up and down the hall so hysterical and Amanda was having a ball too!

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

July 11, 2007--Funny the way kids talk!

Amanda is a very stubborn child. Amanda insists on saying music her own way. Phonetically it is something like: musicget? Also she pronounces the word orange like: oorondge. Amanda always refers to herself as me instead of in the first person using I. ie: Me will do this. I will try to video clip her saying these words because no matter how many times we correct her---she still does it! It is cute--but I doubt her teacher in the fall will think so!

7/10/07--Abbey is On The Move!

Abbey started inching forward on July 4th. Prior to that she was going backwards only for about a month or so. While cooking dinner she was scooting all around and then she started to fuss--I looked over and she was under Amanda's little princess table. She fit perfectly--but she couldn't figure out how to get out! Ofcourse I had to take a picture before I saved her! It was too cute!.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Sprinkler time with Romparoo friends 7/9/07

6 of Amanda's classmates from Romparoo were all playing together at Steven's Park, Hoboken. 94 degree day outside--a sprinkler is the perfect place to play. Daisy, Natalie O., Lucca, Ben, Amanda, and Kayliegh were all together. It was so cute! We also ran into our neighbors, the twins: Carolena and Diego from downstairs. They are 16 months old now.

Monday, 7/9/07--Art in the Park

We made speghetti necklaces, painted, colored, made pictures with foam stickons. Amanda had a good time. We ran into Alexander (Amanda calls him Alxavier!) and Olivia, Jacob, Kayleigh from Romparoo.

July 8, 2007 Swimming at Grandma and Puck's

Today we went swimming at Grandma and Grandpa's (aka: Puck) house (Mike's parents). We got to see Nanny (Abbey and Amanda's great grandmother), who is 91 going to be 92 in Oct. She looks great for her age. The pool was refreshing. Abbey took a nice rest after swimming. Then we had a delicious bbq.

Lucky Day--7/7/07!

Today was another hot sticky day outside so we decided to go to the Hoboken water park.

Friday--July 6, 2007

We played at Veteran's Field Park, Edgewater, NJ. Nice playground and not too busy because it was so hot outside. Amanda loves this park because they have a big sand box. Something the Hoboken parks don't have. Stephanie was extremely happy because we just went to Hallmark and purchased a polar bear Webkinz for her. She has 7 total now.

Thursday, July 5, 2007

July 4, 2007

Abbey's first independence day! We celebrated by waking up and having breakfast at MeMe and PopPop's house. Then went to Aunt JoJo's for a bbq. Amanda wanted to go swimming but it was too cool outside and raining on and off. Abbey is making progress with her crawling. She was practicing at Aunt Joanne's. She can scoot forwards a little. Then we headed back to NJ with cousin Stephanie--who will be staying with us until Sunday. After the girls had baths, etc. we took a ride down to the river to watch the Macy's NY Fireworks. It was raining on and off--but luckily when the fireworks started the rain held off. We had a great view! So pretty! Esp. the ones that look like saturn with the ring around them.

Visiting Elainah

Tuesday 7/3/07 we drove upstate NY to visit my family and also have a playdate with Elainah Paige Towsley (she will be two in Oct). She is Chrissy and Lee's daughter. Chrissy and I have been friends since the first grade and now we both have girls of our own. Too crazy how times flies by! Amanda and Abbey loved getting kisses from their dog Bailey. Trying to get a photo of the girls together is impossible--but we tried!

Monday, July 2, 2007

Ocean Grove, NJ on vacation

June 25-July 1, 2007 was our third annual trip to Ocean Grove, NJ for a family vacation. Cousin Fran invited us to come to her beach house again. Aunt Joanne, Uncle Joe, Cousins: Alyssa, Ryan and Stephanie were there too. It was a lot of fun. We went to the beach each day, went for ice cream each night, went to Point Pleasant Boardwalk (two times--Amanda won her first prizes there!), played mini-golf, went to an aquarium, saw the movie, "Happy Feet" on the beach, OG had a fourth of July parade which was great! They threw candy, frisbees, beach balls, etc. to the kids along the parade route--Stephanie and Ryan really went crazy for the candy! Amanda even shook hands with a clown. It was so much fun. Also our third cousins from Brooklyn came in for the day. Cousin John, his wife Lisa, and daughters Brianna and Jesse Ray came for the day. They saw the movie with us. Amanda had a blast each day--but each night was crying to go home to Hoboken. She missed her bed and her kitty cats! Real tears and all! This was Abbey's first time at the beach and seemed to really like it--she even seemed to enjoy eating the sand. What a kid!