Monday, May 4, 2009

4/25/09--Summer weather in spring

Mid 90's in April is a shock to your system considering we were wearing coats a few days before hand. We will take it though! Spent the afternoon playing at the park, getting an Italian Ice, and heading to the pier by the water for the breeze. I happen to spot a carnival ride in the distance so we walked down Frank Sinatra drive and found a free event! Steven's college was having student fun day that was almost over so we went in. They gave out free t-shirts, cotton candy, bottled water, popcorn and we just missed the last of the free lemonade. The girls were in heaven with their treats. Daisy dog too! She was a little warm from walking all over town i decided to give her a lift in the stroller for a bit--she jumped out pretty quickly. I would too if i had to sit next to those two rugrats ahem ...I mean my kids!

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