Monday, May 4, 2009

4/22/09--Earth Day at the Disney Store

It was raining out after school today and Amanda didn't have a playdate--but wanted to do something. My kids ALWAYS want to keep busy and do something fun. I offered to take her to McDonalds playland. Ok--we get there and the playland is locked. This has happened to us before in the rain. I think there is a leak in there--so get it fixed. It is McDonalds for goodness sake--they have the money. Hoboken McDonalds happens to be the worst mcdonalds i have ever been to--they have been knows to run out of ice cream (Amanda's loves mcflurries) they have even run out of Diet coke--come on!!! Diet coke. Okay--so we leave mcdonalds with amanda in tears--even the meter lady who was outside in the rain mind you was going to give amanda a ticket to play with--she felt so bad. Then--i remembered the Disney store was giving away a free gift for anyone who brought in three plastic bottles to recycle. I have a ton of plastic bottles at home in our condo recycling--but we weren't there were we. I told Amanda we will find some on the ground. I had one in the car. We needed two more! We found NONE on the you guessed it--- i am confident enough in myself that i admit to picking bottles out of the garbage to have each of my daughters get a free Disney water bottle. What I will do to make my girls smile. Not to mention spend a small fortune in the Disney store while we were there. Reduce-Reuse-Recycle!!!

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