Saturday, January 26, 2008

1/26/08---Central Park

Today we spent most of the day in the city. We attended an event in Central park hosted by Zyrtec. They had a huge tent set up with a carosel inside, storytime, music, balloon artists, pet trainers, acrobats/dancers from Kenya, virtual golf, etc. and they gave out free kids books, hot chocolate, and umbrellas too! The girls didn't want to get off of the carosel. Then we played at the Billy Johnson playground on 67th Street which had a great slide. Amanda was scared at first--but then turned into a pro! I think she has a fear of heights--just like me--poor kid. She must have gone down the slide at least 25-30 times and me--prob. 18 times! Abbey loved it too!

Mike has never eaten at the Carnegie Deli--but both girls were sleeping so we got take out instead. He def. enjoyed it--the Woody Allen sandwich (we shared and have leftovers too): 1/2 corned beef and 1/2 pastrami for only $16.95!

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