Thursday, January 3, 2008

1/1/08-- Mom doing well

Today after we plowed out of the driveway--Joanne and I headed to visit Mom at the hospital. Dad and Nancy were already there. My mother was doing great. She knew our names, clapped when we walked in the room, got jokes, was interactive and just doing remarkable compared to the previous day. My sister Nancy who lives with Mom said that in her opinion that was the best she has seen Mom doing in about a month. Maybe the seizure alleviated some pressure brewing in her head? Who knows. I was just so excited that she was socializing and happy. She knew our names, and requested a cookie that I brought to her over the tangerines that my sister Joanne brought (now that is my Mom--she loves her sweets! sorry Joanne!)
More tests will be conducted but not today because it is a holiday and most of the specialists are off. No crying today--it was a good day!

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