Saturday, January 26, 2008

1/18/08--Went upstate for a visit

Today I took Amanda and Abbey home to Highland for a visit. We saw Mom, Dad, Aunt Nancy, Aunt Joanne, Uncle Joe, and cousins: Alyssa, Ryan and Stephanie. Friday night there was a dance at the elementary school to raise money for the High School Cheerleaders. Joanne and I took Steph, Amanda, Abbey and Steph's friend Gianna. First thing when we got there-Amanda got a heart face painted on her cheek. Steph insisted on carrying Abbey most of the night--which did NOT please Abbey. Abbs did have fun dancing around when Steph put her down after I kept insisting! I saw a bunch of people I grew up and went to school with --pretty scary--now we all have kids! The best part of the night was the fact that Amanda wanted to sleep over at Aunt Joannes house! Abbey and I had a night to ourselves at MeMe and PopPops! Yeah. I am proud of Amanda because she hasn't wanted to do a sleepover at anyones house in awhile.

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