Saturday, September 29, 2007

9/28/07--Johnny Rockets

We are proud of Amanda for not crying when I dropped her off at school the last two days so we took her and her friend Claire out for a special dinner at Johnny Rockets. What an experience. We decided to sit outside because it was really nice out---then these gray/black clouds moved in and the winds picked up. We made a mad dash inside right before it started to pour! Never a dull moment. Three kids, Mike, drinks, stroller, scooter, sweaters, crayons, coloring books and "Mom, don't forget my fries"!!! We made the transfer and continued our meal. The storm came and went to leave not one but two beautiful rainbows! Then the girls got their balloons--the best part of the whole dining experience at JR.
Andrew was having dinner there too with his sitter, Nancy.

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