Sunday, September 23, 2007

9/23/07--Happy Fall!

Today is the first day of fall! It is a beautiful day with highs in the 80's so Amanda thought we should go to the beach to build sand castles! We headed to Sandy Hook beach which is about 45-50 min. away. Amanda didn't even want to put her toes in--but it could be due to the fact shortly after arriving the man who was fishing near where we were shouted SHARK! It was two (I think) dolphins swimming about 100 yards out. Some other guy thought it was two whales because the fins were black. I doubt whales were that close to shore--but....whatever--I think that freaked Amanda out for the rest of the day. Abbey on the other hand was like one of those turtles just born on the beach and they make a mad dash for the water. She loved it. It wasn't too cold either although I only went in to my calfs. We built a few sand castles, she buried my feet, threw sand at me and Abbey--which got me so mad after the 4th time saying not to. Amanda even freaked when Abbey was crawling to the water--ie: notice in one of the photos Amanda is grabbing Abbey by her bathing suit.

On another note--It is funny how literal kids interpret things you say. Amanda didn't take any classes (ballet or soccer) during the summer. She would ask to and I would say--no we will sign up in the fall. Well--she woke up this morning saying--is it fall out today? I said yes--she said let me look outside at the leaving dropping. I laughed. I said they are not going to all fall at one time like snow. It will happen slowly, etc. She said okay Mom--I am ready to go to ballet class. It is fall now. They are waiting for me!!!!

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