Thursday, September 20, 2007

9/19/07---Who doesn't love the seals?

We basically live at Chuch Sq. Park. It seems like every afternoon/evening we are there which is great because we run into lots of our friends there. Today we ran into Emma, Gabrielle, Sydney, and Alexandra. Church Square Park is one of the many Hoboken parks but we prefer it because within Church Square park there are 6 different areas to play at. Big girl swings, small park, big girl park, baby/purple park, climby/new park, and seals. Plus we can't forget the dog parks--we love watching the dogs play at the two dog parks within Church Sq. too. Some of the parks are gated and easy to manage keeping an eye on both girls considering that Abbey is crawling all over the place and is almost ready to walk anytime now.

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