Friday, September 21, 2007

9/21/07--Abbey at the Picture People

Sssshhhhh don't tell Amanda that Abbey and I went out today while she was at school! We had her pictures taken at the Picture People in the Paramus Park mall. Keep your eyes open if you go there because they asked to use her photo to hang up in their studio! Most likely the one with her hand over her mouth. I am getting ready for her 1st birthday plus we had a coupon! Notice her vampire fangs in the first two photos! We usually go to Kiddie Kandids inside Babies R Us--but tried PP because I used to go there a lot with Amanda. In my opinion, you get more for your money at KK and I feel the pictures are sharper at KK. Don't get me wrong--I loved how the photos turned out--but would prob. recommend KK over Picture People.

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