Saturday, April 5, 2008

3/30/08--Easter Egg Hunt

Our Lady of Grace Church hosted an Easter Egg Hunt. I know it is after Easter--but the kids didn't care one bit. Lots of prizes, 400 eggs hidden throughout the church. The priest explained that eggs signify new life and therefore he felt it was appropriate to hide them inside the church rather than the park this year. More organized too. Amanda's teacher, Mrs. Foley was there with her daughter Christine so Amanda was thrilled! Mrs. Foley actually helped her find a gold egg! Amanda went home with three pink poodles, 2 charms, a teddy bear and didn't want to give back the plastic eggs--but if she did she would have gotten more prizes. They were very generous. All the kids that participated won something. Abbey was home taking a nap--so we gave her a pink poodle dog!

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