Thursday, April 3, 2008

3/23/08-Easter at the Tennaro's house

We went to Mike's parents house for dessert this year. They even sang Happy Birthday to me which was nice. Amanda and Abbey loved playing in Grandma and Puck's living room which is usually gated unless it is a holiday, they loved seeing their cousins: AJ, Ryan and Kayleigh, and also with Uncle Patrick's dog--Zoey (an eight year old Rottweiller). Abbey was SO excited when Zoey was allowed to come out! At the end of the evening Amanda with the help of cousin AJ put on a little show--we all had to sit and watch her sing Hannah Montana songs. Best part--they fell asleep on the way home and I was able to transfer them to bed!!!

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alpinejenny said...

i wanna see her sing HM songs! do you have it on tape?!