Thursday, April 3, 2008

3/25/08--Abbey got a haircut!

Abbey's hair is so tricky. It is so beautiful after her baths when it air dries. It is a beautiful color with red hues and is curly at the ends even with ringlets--but when she wakes up in the morning it looks like she has been through a haunted house. Lately she has refused to keep hair bows or clips in her hair so her bangs would cover her eyes. I decided to give her bangs to prevent her hair from covering her face. She did really well and sat very still. They look cute--but her hair still drives me crazy trying to keep it looking presentable. I told Mike that when she is a teenager she will probably want to have her hair professionally straightened like I used to! He just let out a big sign.

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alpinejenny said...

thats so funny, great description! G's hair is the same way!!! after the bath its gorgeous, and the next morning, it looks like a scroungy dog! and since its curly i cant brush it! uy gavolt.