Sunday, November 25, 2007

11/19/07--Thanksgiving Assembly

Amanda's class (pre-k 3) up through 2nd grade put on an assemby for thanksgiving. Amanda's class sang a butterfly song and a turkey song. "A turkey is a funny bird that goes wobble wobble wobble it can only say three words gobble gobble gobble." The butterfly song mentioned a robin in a tree, a fish in the sea, kangaroo, octupus, thank you God for making me. It was really cute--but I don't know all the words. The vest that Amanda's and her classmates wore has pictures of all the animals they sang about.
Amanda is the second child in from the left.
Each class dressed up differently. Pilgims, Turkeys, Indians, etc....
Abbey was a good audience member as long as she was noshing on her animal crackers.

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