Thursday, November 1, 2007

10/31/07-Happy Halloween

Amanda wore her costume to school because they had a party planned. At 1:30pm the kids paraded around the block in costume and then were dismissed. It was so adorable. Princesses, witches, pirates, Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz, fire fighters were among the top repeat costumes.

Then we headed up to our main street (Washington St.) to meet friends for the annual Ragamuffin parade. This was our first year attending because all the previous years we went to my parents house to trick or treat with family in my parents neighborhood (where it is safe and fun). This was my first Halloween not at home--bittersweet but with Amanda in school it is hard to do.

The parade was great. Bands, clowns, dogs, stilt walkers, crazy cars, classic cars, etc. Then the kids march. Before the parade we trick or treated down Washington street at the stores. Noone really trick or treats at the condos here in hoboken--you do the main street. City living! Amanda was in her glory! Lets go here now. Now lets go here. The stores were too generous.

Later on after my girls passed out in their stroller--we decided to go in front of our condo and give out candy to any kids or passerbys. We had about 20 kids. Amanda enjoyed giving out the candy almost as much as getting it but certainly not as much as eating it!!!!!

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