Sunday, January 17, 2010

12/25/09--Christmas Day

We went to Aunt Joanne's house to celebrate Christmas day. Abbey came down with a bad ear infection around 3:30pm and laid on the couch the entire day. Poor thing. She didn't even want to open her presents. The pain must have been really bad to prevent her from wanting to open presents! Aunt Joanne and I ran to a 24 hr. pharmacy around 8pm when the pediatrician called in a script. The rest of us enjoyed ourselves but were all worried about Abbey. Amanda opened her presents though--no problem. She was worried about Abs--but it didn't stop her from tearing open her gifts!!!!

Christmas flies by so fast. I am so glad we put our tree up this year on Thanksgiving weekend. The last couple of years Thanksgiving has been so late that we lose a week in between turkey day and 12/25. There is so much to do: bake, make a gingerbread house, see friends and family, shop, parties, etc. It is a wonderful magical season that I look forward to each year! Amanda is already starting her list for next year!!!

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